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5 Benefits Of Using rPET: The Fabric Of The Future

Virgin plastic is sturdy, water-resistant, and durable. Manufacturers can use it to make several types of bags.

Unfortunately, it also has serious adverse effects on the environment. Over half the world’s bags are still made of virgin polyester, and this percentage is only set to rise.

Let’s be honest. It’s true that consumers now expect more eco-friendly bags from the textile industry. However, the demand for more durable bags has also increased. While polyester meets the latter need of the public, it does nothing at all to address the former.

Rather than adding to the problem of filling our landfills and oceans with plastic, the bag industry must tackle this growing environmental crisis. Using rPET is a great place to start. Instead of polluting our environment, we can turn our waste into aesthetic bags.

Are you a new businessman with a question mark on your head? Do you need help deciding whether rPET is the right fit for your promotional bags? If so, don’t worry. We are here to help out. Below, we have listed the five benefits of using rPET fabric in the bag industry.

What Is rPET?

Polyethylene terephthalate, commonly called PET, is a particular type of plastic. Factories use this to create single-use items such as water bottles.

rPET, also known as recycled PET, is a material made using recycled plastic bottles.

Numerous types of bags, such as rPET tote bags and handbags, can be made from this material. In addition to cost, recycled plastic is more eco-friendly than PET. As a result, both manufacturers and consumers are choosing it more frequently.

How Is RPET Made?

Simply put, factories produce rPET by shredding and melting down PET. PET is the same material that people use for packaging.

Once workers collect the plastic bottles, they sort through and clean them. After this, they take these bottles to a grinder and crush them into tiny flakes. These flakes are dried so there is no remaining moisture. They are then heated and melted into a viscous liquid. Once the bottles have melted, the workers extract this hot liquid to create yarn.

Finally, they use the yarn and transform it into new materials such as bags. Thanks to this federally approved process, you can give the bottles a new lease on life.

One great thing about this process is how you can repeat it numerous times. This shows how rPET is an eco-friendly option for your promotional bags.

Benefits Of Using rPET Bags

It’s easy to see why experts in the recycling field predict a spike in rPET demand in the near future. Here are six reasons why we believe the same.

1. Easily Recyclable

One of the best qualities of rPET is that you can easily recycle it multiple times. Since PET is abundant in our environment, recycling it is the most logical option.

Factories can repeatedly heat up and melt PET thanks to its thermodynamic properties. As a result, you can change PET into new materials, such as bags. This means that it has an infinite lifecycle, and you can use it for far more than just new water bottles. You can recycle this material to make not just one, but several types of bags. rPET tote bags and rPET shopping bags are two such kinds.

2. Highly Durable

In the textile sector, you will find that most brands are opting for bags made from rPET nowadays. This is mainly because of the material’s durability and flexibility.

Since this fabric is created using recycled plastic bottles, it is incredibly robust. Unlike other materials, rPET doesn’t require special care to maintain quality. This is excellent news for brands as people prefer bags they can reuse without effort.

Moreover, the colour and design on recycled plastic shopping bags does not fade easily. Your brand logo will stay intact on your custom bags for a long time. This is why it is an ideal choice for brands who want to promote their brand subtly through bags.

3. Eco-friendly

rPET reuses materials that don’t naturally decompose, such as PET. This helps lessen the amount of waste that ends up in landfills annually.

Did you know that humans purchase a million plastic bottles every minute globally? From this, only around 91% of all plastic does not get recycled. This implies that a steady stream of bottles ends up in landfills and contaminates our oceans. The last thing we need is to add to this problem and create more virgin plastic from scratch.

We can give the bottles a second chance by taking advantage of the PET already present on our planet. By doing so, we can stop them from polluting our planet. One kg of rPET can prevent 60 water bottles from ending up in landfills and our oceans.

4. Less Carbon Dioxide Formation

To expand a bit more on its eco-friendly properties, let’s talk about greenhouse gasses. Greenhouse gasses like CO2 trap heat in the atmosphere. As a result, the earth’s temperature starts to rise. This rise leads to extreme weather pattern changes and weather events. Some examples of these events are floods, hurricanes, and droughts.

rPET helps with this issue by emitting fewer greenhouse gasses than other materials.

It does this in two ways. First, rPET is made using recycled plastic. This is already less harmful to the environment. Second, the material is easily recyclable. This means you can reuse it while still having minimal negative impact on the environment. Thus, using rPET is among the best ways to counteract the adverse effects of climate change on the planet.  

5. Simple To Customize

rPET shopping bags are one of the best you can either give or sell to your customer. Why, you ask? This is because you can easily print your choice of design or logo on rPET bags.

mesh bag

The best part is how you can print your advertising not just on all the outer sides of the bags but the inside as well. All you need to do is choose the thickness, color, and printing method, and you’ll be good to go!

Since these bags are regularly used in the market, they will return to the streets. So you can promote your brand without even putting in much effort!

Where To Get The Best RPET Customizable Bags From?

In search of the perfect reusable bag for your company? Look no further!

At AvecoBaggie, you can find the highest quality rPET bags at the best available pricing. These can be personalized to feature your logo or branded artwork. Our custom solutions allow you to design your bag precisely the way you want. From the color to the printing method, the choice is all yours!


rPet is definitely the superior option when we talk about PET plastic waste. Known to be an innovative fabric, rPET implements circular economy practices. We can turn the bag industry into a force for good by reusing already recycled bottles to make fabric.

Consider using rPET bags to promote your business. You’ll be doing our planet a huge favor by promoting sustainable products and fostering a culture where people see resources as valuable instead of as an endless supply to use immediately.

To learn more about rPET, head on over to AvecoBaggie! Getting your eco-friendly bag is just one message away.

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