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5 Packing Solutions For Makeup Bags From China Manufacturer

Are you looking for the best way to pack your wholesale makeup bag?

You’re not alone!

Makeup bag sellers all over the world are always on the lookout for exciting packages to keep their cosmetic bag special and safe in delivery.

The beauty industry has seen a huge spike in popularity in recent years, which means that makeup bags are plenty of different brands and styles to choose from!

We’ve compiled five packing solutions for makeup bags from China manufacturers that can help make your decision easier!

Bulk packing

Bulk packing is mostly used for products that are sold in bulk quantities. Makeup bag manufacturers put bags into waterproof polyester bags. And then put it into the master cartons.

Bulk packing can save space and shipping costs because all bags are stacked and pressed together. It’s great to pack by bulk with flat canvas makeup bags or cheaper bags such as canvas zipper bags, drawstring makeup bags. jute makeup bag, clear makeup bags. And they are also an economical packing way for bags that are used in promotional activities.

If you want a sturdy cosmetic bag with shape, bulk packing will damage the shape and squash it, so you need to check with makeup bag manufacturers for other packing details.


Individual plastic bag packing

Individual plastic bag packing is suitable for products that come in smaller quantities, such as a bulk of makeup bags. Makeup bag manufacturer put each bag into polyethylene and then sealed it with twist ties or hot shrink.

This type of packaging provides better protection than bulk packing because each bag is packed individually before being placed inside the master carton. It will keep the makeup bags clean and avoid dust.

If you are selling on e-commerce platforms, contact your makeup bag manufacturer, then inform them you need individual plastic bags to prevent the second delivery dirtying.

Normally makeup bags are equipped with a zipper to stop cosmetics come out, common accessories include metal, plastic, and wooden. Metal and wood are easy to spoilage when they meet water, individual plastic bags will help makeup bags isolate water.

Besides, Contact your makeup bag manufacturers, and they will help you add customized paper in plastic bags, contact them for a free design template!

Wrapping paper packing

Wrapping paper packing is suitable for products that are not heavy, such as a small size makeup bag. Makeup bag manufacturers usually use colorful paper or customized paper to pack bags.

Normally they are with plastic bag outside to avoid broken of the paper. When your customers receive makeup bags, they will be just as nicely prepared gifts.


Transparent plastic box packing

Transparent plastic box packing is suitable for makeup bags that need protection, such as leather makeup bags or PU makeup bags. Normally makeup bag manufacturers use hard shell transparent plastic boxes with air bubble film inside to protect the cosmetic bags from pressure and keep shape.

Customers can see clearly what they get when they receive parcel, customers also can keep the box to storage other products for second use. In addition, you can also stick production information on plastic boxes with brand logos.

Kraft color box packing

Kraft color box packaging is suitable for luxury makeup bags that need color printing, such as brand logo or beautiful pattern printed on bag. Makeup bag manufacturers will print both sides of the carton and this type of packing can help you build your marketing story. Besides, customers would like to keep these colorful boxes after opening, whatever as storage box or gift box for other people, they are great!



It’s always important to market strategy to make a wise packing solution for your makeup bags wholesale business. You can select the 5 ways that I have suggested in this article. But you can also contact your bag supplier for a special packing request. So that you can make your bags stand out in the market. If you are still not sure how to pack, contact your bag manufacturer, they will offer a tailor to your own solution.

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