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5 Sustainable And Trendy Accessories For Your Bags

Are you getting bored of selling the same bags as everyone else? Do you want to bring about some fun styles that attract customers? If your answer is yes, we have the ideal solution for you. Let us introduce you to accessories for your bags. You can use these to decorate your bags and give them a brand new look.

Whether you want to amp up your plain handbags or add a little flair to your tote bags, we have it all summed up for you. Keep reading to find the best bag accessories you can use to breathe new life into your brand’s handbags.

1. Zippers

Zippers come in many shapes and colors. A great way to style your bags is to design handbags with unique zippers on them.

You can find many lengths for zippers and varied sizes for the teeth and coils. Always choose a narrow zip for a bag that is small and delicate and a wider one for a bag that holds large objects. Below are two types of materials commonly used for zippers that customers prefer.

Nylon Coils 

Manufacturers usually make nylon zippers from a thin plastic-like coil. They can open and close with ease and are pretty flexible. Since most people use them as two-way zippers, they are ideal for larger backpacks and bags.

A plus point is that these come in a range of colors. Hence, make sure to choose a color that contrasts perfectly with the shade of the bag.

Metal Teeth

Metal is the component used to make metal zippers. Instead of a coil, they make use of small metal teeth. They come in various finishes, including brass, bronze, and nickel.

Using these gives the bags a highly polished and professional appearance. They are also incredibly durable and ideal for bags your clients will use frequently. Two examples of this are purses or handbags.

2. Straps

Bag strap features may seem like a small style component in bag design, but that isn’t the case. When creating a line of handbags, you must spend some time picking out the right straps. Small decisions can significantly impact the bag’s appearance, comfort, and carrying style.

A fun way to upgrade your brand’s bags is to swap out the plain straps for some more artistic ones. Your bags will stand out from the crowd when you choose something more floral and colorful. This will attract customers to your bags since they’re unlike the rest. Here are three types of straps that are popular in the market right now.

Braided Straps

Braided handles are incredibly versatile and comfortable. This handle style typically has a braid of either three or more materials. You can choose between leather, plastic, or cloth if you decide to go with braided straps. In a room full of purses, those with braided handles will definitely be the stars of the show.

Chain Straps

Luxury chain straps resemble fine jewelry in both appearance and feel. They are an elegant styling option because people can match them with any bag design element.

No matter the bag’s color, material, or hardware, this is one accessory that goes with any bag you want to sell. Chain straps are an excellent option if you’re a brand that wants to showcase elegance and class through your bags.

Multiple Straps

Ever since the 1950s, most handbags have fallen under the category of “top handle bags.” These are bags where no more than one handle is present. This was the only appropriate way to hold a bag up until that point.

However, many brands have recently started to experiment with straps. One result they came up with was bags with multiple straps. These consist of a top handle and a longer strap down below.

Although a top handle bag is stylish for a dinner or a formal event, it’s not very convenient. If your client is searching for a bag for everyday use, they might have their eyes set on bags with multiple straps. Using these, they can switch up their attire from work-appropriate to dinner ready. They won’t even have to change bags! When the strap isn’t in use, they can easily tuck it back into the bag or remove it entirely.

3. Coin Pouches

In addition to being a helpful accessory, coin purses are also a great way to personalize your bags. Attaching them onto handbags is a very chic way of carrying them.

Everyone in our society carries coins, regardless of who they may be. And who doesn’t drop their coins every now and then? Coin purses are a great way to prevent this from happening.

In the rare case that they don’t carry coins, these pouches are still a great way to keep small things. Keys, chapstick, even a credit card! As long as it can fit in your hand, it can fit in the coin pouch.

With the many types of coin purses available, choosing the perfect one for your bags might be confusing. The best way to choose one is to complement it with the aesthetic of your bags. For example: go for pouches with a solid color if you have classy bags aimed toward older people. If not, you can go for colorful, more bright options.

4. Keychains

The trends in bag accessories change with the passage of time. Although keychains weren’t used on bags before, a lot has changed. Expressing your brand identity using charms is quite a common theme now. Yes, keychains may be small, but their contribution to any bag can be enormous.

There are many kinds of keychain options to pick from. These range from initials and emblems to animal shapes. All you need to do is customize your bags with the type of charm you like, and that’ll add an oomph factor to them.

  • Stickers

Choosing the right accessories to win over your target audience may be challenging. If you want your business to stand out from the rest, you must bring something unique to the table. Personalization using stickers becomes important at this point.

Stickers help build brand recognition and enhance the overall look of your product. Customers like it when you devote time, energy, and thought to the goods you offer. Therefore, adding stickers is a fantastic method to satisfy your customers. Plus, you can customize your plain bags and make them much more decorative!

Finding Wholesale Bags With The Best Accessories For Your Brand

Although you can find several stores selling bags in bulk, creating a brand that perfectly curates the bag of your dreams is difficult. This is where AvecoBaggie comes into play! Our custom solutions allow you to style your bags according to your target audience. Here are just a couple of accessory options you can choose from:

– Colorful zippers
– Artistic straps
– Functional coin purses
– High-quality printed stickers


And there you have it! We hope this article helps you differentiate your bags from the sea of identical bags in the market. Using these accessories, you can present a more personal and unique style to your audience. Play around with the designs, try out new things, and enjoy being different- that’s the best way for a brand to be.

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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