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Author: Jade Yuan

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Design Your Brand Logo For Tote Bags
Jade Yuan

How To Design Your Brand Logo For Tote Bags

A majority of people remember your brand because of the design. Products with good design increase cognitive focus, encouraging people to buy them. However, if you fail to get the design right, the entire strategy

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Jade Yuan

Unique Bag Colors To Smartly Market Your Brand

Many people are unaware of how simple designs and colors affect our brains. Studies show colors can influence moods, stress levels, and decisions. Several brands use them as a powerful tool to send a message.

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Jade Yuan

Your Complete Guide to Foldable Bags

In America, people use billions of plastic bags every year. To manufacture these bags, companies use millions of oil barrels. These massive numbers can disrupt our ecosystem. For this reason, there is whopping demand for

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