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How To Choose School Bags For Children

The most hard-working thing in a child’s school shopping is their school backpack. Parents help set up their children’s bags with a dozen books and copies every day. The child will have to travel to school with this heavy bag, and it will have to suffer the wrath of excited children. Hence, when your clients buy bags from you, they must be sturdy enough to withstand daily use.

As a retail store selling bags to confused parents, finding the perfect bag can be tricky. You must know the features of bags and their types to guide these people better. For this reason, here is a detailed article for you to better understand the dynamics of bags and pick the best kids backpacks.

Features To Look Out For

Choosing bags for children who are just starting school requires some considerations. Comfort and durability are two things that should be at the top of the list. It will help if you keep the following things in mind before purchasing the bags from anywhere.

1) Size

When buying school bags for your business, the first factor to consider is size. A child’s ideal school bag should fit their body well. Therefore, you must find an appropriate size before deciding on a bag. Avoid purchasing overly large bags if you want to sell to clients shopping for backpacks for kids charity.

Children frequently overpack their bags. If the bag is small and the child incorrectly packs it, they might get injuries, muscle pain, and body aches. This can reflect poorly on your store.

2) Durability

Although parents adore cute bags for their children, their main aim is to find a functional bag. In turn, you should provide them with sturdy, reliable bags. Adults are looking for bags that can withstand the rigorous process children subject their belongings to. No matter how heavy the bag, it should be able to endure the weight throughout the child’s day.

While examining bags for children, here are a couple of things you can do to ensure they are durable:

  • Look for durable fabrics such as pack cloth nylon.
  • Consider a waterproof design so that it doesn’t get ruined easily.
  • Ensure the zippers are double-headed and easy to zip.

3) Straps

Parents prefer bags with adjustable straps because children can carry the bag easily. As a reputable company, you should get bags that put less strain on young children’s backs and shoulders. You should make sure the straps are neither too lengthy nor too short. The bag should rest comfortably in the centre of the back, between the shoulders.

Some characteristics that parents search for in bags are:

  • A waist strap that parents can adjust to distribute the weight evenly between the pelvis and the legs.
  • Wide padded straps so the child can support the bag’s weight on their shoulders.
  • Adjustable shoulder straps so the bag can fit on the back’s strongest part.

4) Pockets

The more pockets a bag has, the better. Parents can organise the objects into different sections when there are compartments. That way, the weight is uniformly distributed throughout the bag.

With a bag that has only one main compartment, the weight is concentrated on just one area. In this case, the child will repeatedly get pulled in the direction of the heavy weight. Leaning on one side can hurt their posture.

The bags you buy should have:

  • A padded pocket for any heavy materials.
  • A wide centre pocket for books that are less heavy.
  • Carry pockets for a child’s water bottle, lunch, and other stationery.

4 Types Of Bags Best Suited For School

Distinguishing between the hundreds of different school bags is a perplexing job. It has become difficult to tell one from the other, leading to confusion about the bag you need.

To make it easier for you to choose a bag that complements your business, here are four school bags designs to consider.

1) Crossbody Messenger Bags

In essence, a messenger bag—also called a courier bag- is a big satchel that children can wear over one shoulder. Young athletes who have school in the morning and PE later use these as they are simple to sling over. A plus point is how easily one can access the contents!

Messenger bags work best to transport medium loads, like some books, a water bottle, and lunch. To make the best use of space, these bags come with a lot of pockets for supplies and a flap. That way, everything is secure in a fashionable design.

2) Backpacks

No matter where you go, you will find that backpacks for kids are the most common type of bag worldwide. The bags children carry on their shoulders are called backpacks. They have two straps behind to buckle the shoulders. Mostly, children in kindergarten carry such school bags.

Because of their popularity, they have many types based on their material. Some examples include Nylon cloth backpacks, Oxford cloth backpacks, and canvas backpacks.

Parents usually buy these for their kids for 3 main reasons:

  • They are easy to carry.
  • They free up the child’s hands.
  • They won’t get lost.

3) Trolley Bags

In recent years, trolley bags have also started gaining popularity. These are a practical choice when transporting large or heavy items. These bags are usually heavier because of the wheels and handle. If you’re planning on keeping these, you should buy lighter bags that youngsters can lift.

Trolley bags are ideal for carrying objects you usually wouldn’t want to wear on your back. However, if you don’t feel like wheeling it, you can alternate between the trolley and the backpack.

4) Drawstring Bags

A drawstring bag is a lightweight bag with two strings attached from top to bottom. When you wish to access the bag’s contents, all the child has to do is pull it apart from the top. Pulling the strings from above will close the bag.

Recently, many advantages of drawstring bags have surfaced on the internet. This is why you will notice them gaining popularity in schools.

These bags are strong and stylish, making them the ideal companions for children. They are more accessible than backpacks as well. In backpacks, kids may find the zippers hard to operate, but pulling at the strings on a drawstring can be fun.

Furthermore, drawstring bags aren’t heavy in the least and can be easily fit into the desk or a locker.

Where Can You Find The Perfect School Bags Wholesale?

At AvecoBaggie we supply your choice of bags in the exact style, size, colour, and look you need.

We have options for every child’s preference. With our custom solutions, you can get:

  • Any stylish school bag design you want: from high-quality zipper bags to drawstrings.
  • A huge colour palette.
  • Different printing methods: embroidered lettering, gold stamps, flocking, digital printing, heat printing, etc.
  • Sewing options.
  • Eco-friendly fabric choices.

To Conclude

Bags are an essential part of school for children. Therefore, brands should consider the durability and comfort of bags before buying them. If you keep the above tips in mind, finding bags that suit your preference and budget will be easier.

At AvecoBaggie, we supply school bags for children in bulk. Our goal is to deliver high-quality bags at affordable prices for your business.

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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