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How To Communicate With Cosmetic Bag Wholesale Suppliers For Quality Problems?

Nowadays,more and more buyers are purchasing cosmetic bags for their wholesale business from China.While It’s always struggle to have a complex refund process when there is quality problem when you receive the bags. Then how to prepare all relevant evidence so that you can have a quick solution or refund from your bag supplier?

This article will help you get quick refund from cosmetic bags supplier for poor quality bags.

Check bags randomly and take photos or video for evidence

When you receive the cosmetic bag packages, first check whether the master carton is broken, if the box is crushed badly or broken a big hole, take a photo of the box.

If the cosmetic bag is lost or dirty because of the broken box, then contact your wholesale bag supplier, they will communicate with the shipper’s logistics company and give you compensation.

Then unpack the package and randomly pick a few cosmetic bags for quality confirmation.

You can check cosmetic in below points:

  • Cosmetic bag size

Normally 1-2CM difference is reasonable tolerance in sewing), if you have special requests for the size, Pls inform you’re the bag manufacturer in advance.

If cosmetic bag size is much smaller than your request, stretch the bag flat and put it on a ruler to measure ,and then take pictures.

  • Logo or Pattern

Check logo or pattern if it is fuzzy or if there is faded color.

or if the color is definitely different from your original design color,

for example, you require red but bag supplier print green instead, take photos and send to them directly.

But if just color is a bit light or a bit dark, it’s reasonable and it should be acceptable unless you have special requirements before placing that order,and also your supplier was informed in advance, if not, they won’t refund your money.

  • Sturdiness of the rope

Put the cosmetics inside the cosmetic bag, test the sturdiness of the cosmetic bag, if the seam is cracked or broken directly, take a photo or video and record it.

Take out bad bags out and counting quantity

  • If you find only a few bags with quality problems during the spot check, take them out of mass production and count the quantity.Because you need to inform your bag supplier the exact quantity for them to double check.
  • If all the bags have problems, you can inform your bag supplier directly.

Contact with bag supplier and inform PO number

When you have all photos ready, contact your cosmetic bag wholesale supplier and tell them your PO number, most cosmetic bag wholesale supplier has after-sales service department,

once they received your product complaints with photos, they will response quickly and you can get money refund early.

Discuss with cosmetic bag supplier and choose best solution

Normally cosmetic bag supplier will offer you 2-3 solutions, you can confirm a solution according to your situation.

For example, some customers will take it with a discount for small problems. Some customer will just get refund directly, but some will  allow the bag supplier to reschedule production and send it to them quickly.

However, if you are only preparing cosmetic bag stock for daily sales, you can choose not to reship or refund, but to compensate and offer an exclusive discount on your next order.

Anyway, it’s up to you.

Send your account number to bag supplier

Once you confirm final refund cost with cosmetic bag wholesale supplier, give them account number, you can give your bank account or Paypal account.

After-sales team will record and submit to the manager, after the manager confirmed, will be forwarded to the finance department.

Normally you will get money refund around 3-5 days.


It is normal to initiate a refund to defend your rights. It is not difficult to get a refund just by having some necessary photos ready. While there are also other effective ways to solve problems especially in business, because both the buyer and the supplier should work as a partner to make the products better.

So it is important to note that before you place an order, you need to choose a reliable cosmetic bag wholesale supplier, or you can contact a supplier on a reliable platform,

In the process of talking to them, you can check their buyer reviews and ask them to show you as many photos as possible to make sure they are a real bag supplier,

At the same time, you can assess their production quality and professionalism based on their website content.

If you want to know about how to find reliable bag factory, click here for more details.

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