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Customized Drawstring Bags Personalized 

We’re here to make sure that your drawstring bag is personalized with style. With a huge range and wide array of designs, we can create the perfect logo for you! Come see us today!

OEM&ODM for drawstring bags

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Custom eco bags can be difficult to introduce, so we have prepared a lot of information on this page for you. To make sure that whatever your needs are met quickly and easily with custom-made items from our company’s website – just click in the corresponding box when it appears below!


Whether you’re at home or on the go, our reusable bags are perfect for holding groceries and keeping them clean. You can also use these as an extra bag when going out–they’ll prevent messes everywhere!

Jute drawstring bags are great for preserving cereal grains. Cotton mesh bags is perfect if you want quick access to your vegetables or fruits because it allows plenty room between these items while still keeping them preserved well enough that spoilage! Canvas drawstring bags provide all sorts different solutions including clothing and toys alike
A lightweight drawstring backpack is perfect for carrying your sports climbing gear. It's also a good choice if you want to take it withyou when going workout at the gym, as these backpacks have durable fabrics that won't tear or fade from wear over time like some other types of bags might do!
There are many different ways to package your gift, but small drawstring bags will always be appropriate and elegant. The drawstring organza bag design makes it stand out among other gifts while also being suitable for formal occasions like weddings! If an item requires fine treatment such as valuable jewelry then small velvet drawstring bag would be the ideal choice.
Drawstring shoe bags are the perfect way to protect your shoes and any other small necessities from dust, dirt or scratches while at home. The cotton fabric with dyed-to match draw cord closure on top is durable enough for transportation in style during travel time as well!
Drawstring bags have been a go-to promotional item for years and this is due to their ability not only be used at events but also during campaigns. These wholesale nonwoven drawstring bags can hold up well under both types of use, making them ideal as gifts or giveaways!

The best service China has to offer is right here at your fingertips. With factories and suppliers, you're sure find what's perfect for any taste or budget!

Drawstring Bag Product Catagory

We know it can be difficult for smaller wholesale operations and large OEM projects to find the time or money necessary, but we’re here with one-stop solutions that will make you more profit for less effort.


Organize your life with classic drawstring tote

Drawstring bags are a very popular type of bag, and the use different materials. For example natural jute burlap bags is great for storing grains or agricultural products while cotton drawstring bags can hold veggies like fruits well enough to take on your grocery shopping trip without bursting at the seems with all their weight! They also work nicely as clothing storage if you’re going away long term. Don’t forget about drawstring bags being great home organizers too。


Beautify everyday life with a novel tote

drawstring bag is an item that can be used for more than just storing items. It’s perfect if you need a special storage solution, like some jewelry requires because of its delicate nature and size; small velvet drawstring bags are always ideal in this case since they’re both beautiful as well protective against scratches or damage from occurring while traveling through send off process between stores during shipment/ delivery etc., making them great choices regardless.
Customized drawstring gift bags can be filled with a variety of items for different occasions, such as candy during Halloween or gift to give at Christmas time.
You can also get different types of bags for wine, such as a personalized ones. They come in beautiful packages and it is an excellent choice to give them as gifts too!

How to Custom drawstring Bags ?

Branding is a crucial step in the process of developing and establishing your business. We offer you solutions that will meet all needs, whatever they may be!

Personalized Logo

Customize your own eco-friendly bag with our custom designs! We will work closely together to provide the perfect design for you, whether it's a logo or anything else.

OEM&ODM for drawstring bags
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Multiple style

We have all you need to take care of your eco needs. Eco bags come in different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. We have all you need to take care of your eco needs.

Various Material

We've got cotton, canvas and linens among other materials if you ask for them. As long as they can be sewn ,we'll do our best!

Selected accessories

You can choose the sewing method, and we offer a variety of different styles and techniques. Our standard is method sewing machine single thread stitching. You can also choose accessories to make your bag functional and look more distinctive

Choose The Printing Method

Before choosing the most appropriate printing method, you can click on the button to learn the differences between each printing method.

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

“Sometimes you need a little help from the professionals to bring your creative mind’s vision into reality. We’re here for that, and we’ll give it our all so that no detail goes overlooked.”


Just send us your logo or design,we will do the mockup so you can have the Visualization to make the perfect bags,or an idea that we can inspire

Quotation(6 Hours)

We will send you a formal quote within 6 hours of receiving your inquiry and confirming the design.

Sampling (3 days)

After confirming artwork, we can make the sample in 3 days and send out quickly

Pay The Deposit (within 1 day)

When Sample Approved And Ready To Order, we will send your order confirmation to confirm payment. Once you have placed deposit for production of the customised bags – they’re all set!

Bulk Manufacturing (3days)

For stock bags,Deliver in 3 days.For customized regular bags and quantity below 3000 pieces, leadtime is within 7 days since order.

The Basic Knowledge About Drawstring Bag

avecobaggie offers an extensive range of drawstring bags that will meet all your curiosity.

wholesale drawstring bags

Customized Drawstring Bags Personalized  We’re here to make sure that your drawstring bag is personalized with style. With a huge range and wide array of designs, we can create the perfect logo for you! Come

Non-woven drawstring shoe bag

Non-woven drawstring shoe bag made by beige color non-woven, closure prevent shoes come out when shaking, suit as package bag, promotion and daily use.

How to Choose Right Sizes of Drawstring Bags?

Drawstring bags are making waves all over the world and for good reason! These bags are trendy, versatile, and eco-friendly, what’s not to love? Their customizable nature allows you to express your individuality without compromising

Drawstring Cotton Mesh Bag

Single or Bundle Size for the reusable drawstring cotton mesh bag,Machine washable,Breathable mesh,Made with high-quality food safe materials,Tare weight tags on each bag,Drawstring closure to keep contents secure.

The shipping policies

You can always save yourself some money by choosing the most economical express shipping option.


international express

There are two ways to place an order, the recipient places an order and the courier goes to the delivery point to pick up the goods according to the time, the other is the sender directly to place an order online; there are four major international couriers: DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT, they are efficient and fast, but the courier is DDu, so it will incur additional duties



The parcel is delivered by air. After customs clearance, the Courier picks it up at your door (usually UPS or FedEx) and sends it to your door.  Or you can pick it up at the airport;  Compared with express delivery, it takes longer and has the lowest

By sea/railway

Generally speaking, shipping by sea/rail is bulky and takes a long time, usually 30-50 days. If you don't mind, we suggest shipping by sea/rail, which can save you more shipping cost. Sea/Rail is the same as express delivery, it can be delivered to your doorstep.


With our years in the industry, we have learned how to make environmental protection bags that not only look good but also last. We integrate design and manufacture together with storage/transportation all rolled into one package for you!

  • We provide one-stop service to save you time and money
  • Direct factory trading is the way to go! You get quality products at low prices with no middlemen taking their cut.
  • With our rich design and manufacturing experience, we can fulfill any need of customers
  • We have a creative team with years of experience in designing and producing products. We can provide customers an array or variety to choose from, depending on their needs!
  • 24h round-the clock online each request has a person in charge, from the quotation to after sales service.
    The customer can contact someone at all times of day and night if they need help with anything!

The FAQs About Drawstring Bag

Customers who are not familiar with us might have many questions about our custom drawstring bags. Don’t worry! We’ve picked out a few to answer for you, and we’ll continue on next time so that all your doubts can be put at ease

What’s The MOQ On Customized Bag?

For most customized bag with material cotton canvas line, jute, felt MOQ is 100pcs, for non woven material, MOQ is 500pcs.We set a minimum order quantity for different products, which can be found in the information section of each specific bag displayed on our website.

What Artwork Format You Need?

Please illustrate your design in AI, PS,CDR or DM files, and send us the original file with PDF, ai, photoshop, eps or at least the high resolution PNG file. The best is still the AI file, and remember to convert the words to path.

Is There A Set-Up Fee For My Artwork?

Yes, there is a setup fee in most cases, the setup costs are different in different printing method. The cheapest is screen printing, and higher cost in heat transfer printing, the cost will be included in the sample making, while if the final order achieves in a certain quantity, the set-up fee can be returned.

Do You Have Stock Bags That We Can Choose?

Yes, we have some stock for drawstring bag and tote bag, and can deliver in 3 days

How much time will you need to receive your order?

For quantity below 10000pcs, Production time is around 10 days, actual production time will according to your request and quantity

What’s Your Payment Term?

We accept TT, paypal and LC, western union If you want to make payment by Paypal, there is extra 5% handing fee.

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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