Custom Solutions-Fabric Weight Chart

Fabric Weight Chart

GSM to OZ Conversion

g/m²(gsm)oz/yd²Fabric Weight
width 150 cm per meter running length
50 1.47 75
60 1.77 90
70 2.06 105
80 2.36 120
90 2.65 135
100 2.95 150
110 3.24 165
120 3.54 180
130 3.83 195

Weight Chart for Cotton Canvas Fabric

Cotton CanvasPopular NameFeatures
2 oz Cotton Very thin. Can be used for newspaper bags etc.
4 oz Cotton It is a thin material but also the most popular for making cheap cotton bags
6 oz Cotton 4oz and 6oz is less distinguishable. So sometimes it makes sense to go for a cheaper 4oz material
8 oz Canvas Less popular than 10oz canvas for making bags
10 oz Canvas Most popular for making Canvas Tote Bags of high quality. This canvas should last years and after a few washes looks even better.
12 oz Canvas Even more stronger than 10oz. Excellent for making more finished looking Canvas bags.
14 oz Canvas Very popular for Fashion Tote bags
16 oz Canvas Very popular for Fashion Tote bags
18 oz Canvas Very popular for Fashion Tote bags

Weight Chart for Jute Fabric

Burlap, sack cloth, hessian or Jute these are different name of the same fabric. Jute Fabric comes in many different variation. There are generally three Grades of Jute fabric

Fabric Mesh / StrandsDescriptionUses
11/12 More useful for Gardening or Packing
12/13 More useful for Gardening or Packing
13/13 (12oz) 13 strands by 13 strands in one inch This is the most popular Jute fabric for making Light Weight Tote Bags
13/14 Less popular for Tote bags Making
14/15 (16oz) 14 strands by 15 strands in one inch High Quality fabric for durable and good looking fashion bags
15/16 Less popular for Tote bags Making
17/17 (20oz) 17 strands by 17 strands in one inch More useful for Fashion Tote Bags for its finer looks

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