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Cotton Bags Wholesale Manufacturer Direct

Want to manufacture and custom your own design  cotton bags in bulk? Avecobaggie can make it ! Our one-stop shop service gives you an easy way for ordering fashionable shapes, vivid pattern printing as well as shipping ways.

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We know it’s not easy to introduce all aspects of cotton and canvas bags wholesale.That is why we have prepared a lot on this page for you! To make sure that wherever your eyes land, there will be something useful waiting just by a click.


We’re all about giving the best possible experience. That means our bags are perfect for any occasion – whether it’s to hold your groceries at home or take them with on a trip, these reusable shopping totes or cotton bags will do just fine! They also help reduce environmental waste so everyone wins too don’t worry;

Daily Shopping

Avecobaggie offers a variety of different materials of tote bags for daily shopping. Customers can choose from cotton, canvas and mesh as well as jute burlap bag wholesale on their needs!

Item Storage

Cotton Mesh bags are perfect for storage purposes, which is for vegetables and fruits. Jute Burlap bags are excellent at storing grains and Tyvek bags for more things, Avecobaggie will always find a way to make your needs met.

Holiday Party

The best way to ensure that you have everything with you on your trip, is by using a Cotton Tote Bag! It's stylish and still very functional. You can pack all the necessary items in one small bag while maintaining its beauty so it will match any outfit or occasion perfectly

Camping trips

Whether you're looking for a backpacking pack that will make your camping trip lighter or one with an extra layer of protection, we've got what it takes. We offer packs in different materials and sizes which will help you stay competitive in wholesale market

Toy Storage

Toys are often stored in various drawstring cotton bags or mesh ones. They can buy in small bulk with plain colors.But you can also make your brand to be recognized on the side label.

Wine packaging

Wine bags are an excellent way to showcase your brand and promote it, as well. You can make them in many different materials and shapes here's where you'll find all of our latest designs!

Work and life

Everyone needs a bag for work,s chool or travelling. whether it's a large-capacity backpack or small handbag.Cotton cloth bags are good to wholesale since it's zero free waste ,durable and eco friendly.

The best service China has to offer is right here at your fingertips. With factories and suppliers, you're sure find what's perfect for any taste or budget!

Cotton & Canvas Bag Product Catagory

No matter small wholesale operations or large OEM projects,we’re here with one-stop solutions that will help you save more time and less effort.Thus earning more profit.

Cotton bags

Cotton bags are durable and reusable ,it’s becoming very popular in recent  years. They are more favorable compared to other materials in terms of softness as well! We manufacture and wholesale all types of organic cotton tote bag, carry on bags, shopping bags at reasonable prices and best service.


Whether busy Company Staffs or Housewives,they both need to store some bread , this organic cotton bag will keep bread fresh. Flexible customized on size ,pattern and shape. It's made of durable material so it can be reused and finds its way into many homes each year!


Avecobaggie offer a variety of organic cotton tote bags for wholesale purposes .The Tote Bag can hold all the things you need to carry with you during travel, such as your mobile phone, wallet, ID card and passport, so that you won't be upset if you can't find anything during the trip.If your customers go to travel need cotton bag that's both durable and gentle on the skin, this is perfect for them!

girl carry the cotton mesh bag

Start your eco-friendly lifestyle with our Cotton mesh bags! We provide a variety of wholesale mesh bags such as reusable produce bags as a single or full set.They can store vegetables and other kitchen groceries.they are also perfect organizers for toys. They are perfect for any environment and will help you get started on the right foot.

Reusable cotton shopping bags are the first step to an environmentally friendly life, which not only makes our life convenient but also protects the environment,we have a variety of wholesale shopping bags that we can provide you with and will offer your customers preferential prices to ensure they get high-quality products at an affordable cost.

Canvas bags

We are the best wholesale canvas bags supplier. we support customization of canvas bags,As option to have your logo or design printed on it, you can also choose from our variety of styles and designs!
We provide high-quality products at competitive prices with excellent customer service – what more could anyone ask for?

canvas flap-bag

When it comes to shopping for a reusable canvas totes bag, the thicker and easier-to clean material is an appealing feature. Not only can these bags be used by your company but also they can make yourself a good supplier to your customers!


As a wholesale backpack supplier, we offer regular backpacks and can also customize your company's backpack.Not only can these bags be used by your company but they also make great personal shoppers!

Avecobaggie offers the best prices for canvas makeup bags at wholesale prices, and we have an ultra-high cost performance ratio. If you're looking to buy in bulk quantities ,Don't hesitate to contact Avecobaggie because this is where it's at!

Wine lovers can now protect favorite beverage with a custom reusable bag. Not only will be protecting the environment, but also promoting your company and raising awareness of what they have to offer! We are wholesale canvas bags bulk manufacturers that ensure high-quality products at very low costs.

Other types

In addition to cotton&canvas , the common eco friendly bags,Avecobaggie also manufacture and wholesale other materials of eco bags.such as jute Burlap bags, Non-Woven bag ,tyvek bag … our company’s products are diverse and can bring you considerable profits.


Jute burlap bags material looks like a more natural way to store your goods.Jute bags are a great option for storing grains because they don't affect the quality of grain. Wholesale burlap drawstring Bags will help your company develop new business


We have a great selection of quality, cheap non woven bags that are perfect for printing on. Not only will they help you promote your brand but also give the customer more reasons to buy!you can get better returns for a very low price with Non woven Bags Wholesale.


Tyvek lunch bag is a popular and durable bag that's perfect for any type of meal. It can keep your food fresh, protect it from water damage or spoilage due to heat exposure- all while being light weight enough so as not add unnecessary bulk in carrying around! This means that you can provide solutions for design so as gain customers!

Jewelry collection bag flannelette bundle pocket custom

The delicate jewelry is precious, and they need a good storage bag for it.Reusable Velvet Drawstring Bags better protect jewelry, and are small and light for easy transportation.We all different styles so please let us know what kind of wholesale quantities are needed!

OEM Solutions

Avecobaggie offers you the best solutions to your needs, and with our customized approach we will find different ways until all of them are met

Logo Customization

This way you can set apart from the competition by adding a customized logo to cotton bags. This will help promote sales and make people aware that they’re dealing with someone who knows what they are doing!


Style Customization

We offer bags for all occasions; whether it’s a tote bag or drawstring, we can make them! Our eco-friendly manufacturers ensure you’re not just getting one good thing with your purchase.

blank canvas tote bag wholesale

Color Customization

We offer natural, semi-bleached and fully bleached bags. The color of your bag is up to you! You can create a unique product for your company or even more importantly – satisfy customers with colors love too.

Accessories Customization

To make your bag even more appealing, you can add accessories like sewing methods and buttons. Our team is here for any request until we find the perfect solution!

The Basic Knowledge About Cotton & Canvas

With avecobaggie’s help, you’ll be able to diving into these materials with ease.

What’s the difference between a Cotton bag and a Canvas bag?

“What’s the difference between the cotton bag and the canvas bag and How to choose?” As an eco bag wholesaler and manufacturer, we often come across such moments that the buyers are confused about the fabric when purchasing bags. Some suppliers

Wholesale Cotton Canvas Shopping Bag

This product is novel in style with gusset, popular in shape  and exquisite in workmanship.And it’s friendly to custom with logo prints, and thickness.

The advantages and disadvantages of cotton&canvas can be roughly divided into the following points

1 cotton Soft and Good air permeability More durable,resistance to wrinkles
2 More sustainable and 100% biodegradable sustainable, but not full biodegradable
3 will shrink from 2% to 5% after washing Shrink less than 100%. Cotton
4 easy to wrinkle and deformation, easy to stick hair Easy to get dirty, deformation
Cotton Canvas

The Process Flow & Duration Estimation

Your creative mind can take the wheel and make something awesome.”We’ll help you bring your idea to life with a custom design for any occasion.”


Just send us your logo or design,we will do the mockup so you can have the Visualization to make the perfect bags,or an idea that we can inspire

Quotation(6 Hours)

We will send you a formal quote within 6 hours of receiving your inquiry and confirming the design.

Sampling (3 days)

After confirming artwork, we can make the sample in 3 days and send out quickly

Pay The Deposit (within 1 day)

When Sample Approved And Ready To Order, we will send your order confirmation to confirm payment. Once you have placed deposit for production of the customised bags – they’re all set!

Bulk Manufacturing (3days)

For stock bags,Deliver in 3 days.For customized regular bags and quantity below 3000 pieces, leadtime is within 7 days since order.

The shipping policies

You can always save yourself some money by choosing the most economical express shipping option.


international express

There are two ways to place an order, the recipient places an order and the courier goes to the delivery point to pick up the goods according to the time, the other is the sender directly to place an order online; there are four major international couriers: DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT, they are efficient and fast, but the courier is DDu, so it will incur additional duties



The parcel is delivered by air. After customs clearance, the Courier picks it up at your door (usually UPS or FedEx) and sends it to your door.  Or you can pick it up at the airport;  Compared with express delivery, it takes longer and has the lowest

By sea/railway

Generally speaking, shipping by sea/rail is bulky and takes a long time, usually 30-50 days. If you don't mind, we suggest shipping by sea/rail, which can save you more shipping cost. Sea/Rail is the same as express delivery, it can be delivered to your doorstep.


With our years in the industry, we have learned how to make environmental protection bags that not only look good but also last. We integrate design and manufacture together with storage/transportation all rolled into one package for you!

  • We provide one-stop service to save you time and money
  • Direct factory trading is the way to go! You get quality products at low prices with no middlemen taking their cut.
  • With our rich design and manufacturing experience, we can fulfill any need of customers
  • We have a creative team with years of experience in designing and producing products. We can provide customers an array or variety to choose from, depending on their needs!
  • 24h round-the clock online each request has a person in charge, from the quotation to after sales service.
    The customer can contact someone at all times of day and night if they need help with anything!

The FAQs About Cotton&Canvas

Customers who are not familiar with us might have many questions about our custom environmental bags. We’ve picked out a few to answer for you!

What’s The MOQ On Customized Bag?

For most customized bag with material cotton canvas line, jute, felt MOQ is 100pcs, for non woven material, MOQ is 500pcs.We set a minimum order quantity for different products, which can be found in the information section of each specific bag displayed on our website.

What Artwork Format You Need?

Please illustrate your design in AI, PS,CDR or DM files, and send us the original file with PDF, ai, photoshop, eps or at least the high resolution PNG file. The best is still the AI file, and remember to convert the words to path.

Is There A Set-Up Fee For My Artwork?

Yes, there is a setup fee in most cases, the setup costs are different in different printing method. The cheapest is screen printing, and higher cost in heat transfer printing, the cost will be included in the sample making, while if the final order achieves in a certain quantity, the set-up fee can be returned.

Do You Have Stock Bags That We Can Choose?

Yes, we have some stock for drawstring bag and tote bag, and can deliver in 3 days

How much time will you need to receive your order?

For quantity below 10000pcs, Production time is around 10 days, actual production time will according to your request and quantity

What’s Your Payment Term?

We accept TT, paypal and LC, western union If you want to make payment by Paypal, there is extra 5% handing fee.

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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