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Custom Solutions-Order Progress

Order Progress

👤 Step 1 Client Request

⭐️ Provide details for your bag: material, style, size, printing designs quantity etc. (Check Custom process in details)
⭐️  If you don’t have a clear idea,  just tell us and we will help you to design and bring it to life

🖥 Step 2 Supplier Quotation

⭐️ After receiving the enquiry, we will send official offer within 6 hours,Fast response is the key.

🛒 Step 3 Sample Making

⭐️ Before sampling, we will first make a digital mockup to you, after all confirmed, the sample will be finished within 3 days for regular bags.

💰 Step 4 Place the order

⭐️ When sample approved and ready to order, we will send PO for confirmation ,then buyer arranges deposit for us to start production of the Customized bags.

⚒ Step 5 Start Production

⭐️  We prepare raw materials, accessories and do the mass production according to your order details.
⭐️  During production, we will share photos and videos of production or send samples as required from the bulk order

⚒ Step 6 Quality inspection

⭐️  After finishing the production on time,products will be strictly inspected before packing and shipping

✈️ Step 7 Packing and Shipping

⭐️  For bulk packing ,all bags will be packed in a leakproof bag first and then in to cardboard box.

⭐️  For gifts or branding, we also offer hottest packaging styles and label designs for free on your local market.

👩🏻‍💻 Step 8 After Sale Service

⭐️  We are happy to answer you any Questions about product, quality, delivery, etc.and You can check details in after-sale service system.

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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