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Custom Solutions-Custom Process

Custom Process

Choose the Bag Shape

We have below existing shape s for customize bags, if you have a different shape or want to customize a special shape ,pls tell us and we will give you a solution.

drawstring bag shape 1 icon

Model 1
Gourd bag

drawstring bag shape 2 vector

Model 2
Curved bag

drawstring bag shape 3 vector

Model 3
Double drawstring single sewing

drawstring bag shape 4vector

Model 4
double drawstring double sewing

drawstring bag shape 5vector

Model 5
Single Drawstring bag

drawstring bag shape 6 vector

Model 6
Round bottom drawstring bag

drawstring bag shape 7 vector

Model 7
Round bottom drawstring in the middle

drawstring bag shape 8 vector

Model 8
Drawstring backpack bag

zipper bag shape 9 vector

Model 9
Zipper Bag

flat bag shape 10 vector

Model 10
Flat bag with hole

flat bag shape 11vector

Model 11
Flat bag with hole with bottom and side gusset

drawstring bag shape 12 vector

Model 12
Drawstring bag with
Bottom Gusset

tote bag model 13 vector

Model 13
Tote No bottom No side

tote bag model 14 vector

Model 14
tote not side no bottom

tote bag model 15 vector

Model 15
Tote with bottom no side

tote bag model 16 vector

Model 16
tote with bottom no side

tote bag model 17 vector

Model 17
with side and bottom

tote bag model 18 vector

Model 18
With side and bottom

tote bag model 19 vector

Model 19
With reinforced straps

tote bag model 20 vector

Model 20
With zipper

tote bag model 21 vector

Model 21
foldable totes

tote bag model 22 vector

Model 22
With pocket outside

tote bag model 23 vector

Model 23
With Splicing

tote bag model 24 vector

Model 24
with shoulder strap

Choose the Fabric

All  fabrics from Aveco are eco friendly, currently ,we can supply Non woven ,linen, jute burlap ,felt ,cotton canvas fabric.For other requests,pls also contact us and we will give you best solution.

Linen fabric

Linen fabric

jute fabric

Jute fabric

No woven fabric

Non Woven

felt fabric

felt fabric

Choose the thickness

thickness of cotton fabric

For small bags size below 30X 40CM ,we suggest to use thickness below 6oz,for tote bags, we sugget to use at least 8oz thickness

Choose the Color

All  fabrics from Aveco are eco friendly, currently ,we can supply Non woven ,linen, jute burlap ,felt ,cotton canvas fabric.For other requests,pls also contact us and we will give you best solution.

Natural color

Natural cotton

semi bleached

Semi bleached

full bleached

Full Bleached

Color swatch

color bar
color brochure

Choose the Printing Method

Before choosing the most appropriate printing method, you need to know the difference between each printing method.


Silk Printing

Pros:Cheap price, best for single color or double color logo printing, Silk printing is currently the most commonly used printing method in bag manufacturing.

Cons:Simple printing effect, it is not possible to make colorful printing effects. If there are many colors, the cost will be extremely high and it is not easy for chromatography


Heat transfer Printing

Pros:No restriction for colors, very good printing effect with heat transfer printing,bright and colorful, easy to control the color difference, the printing has a sense of hierarchy, suitable for complicated multi colors or gradient colors.

Cons:High price, limited printing area, slow in printing, small printing quantity is not suitable ,and there is a glue feeling on the surface.

digital printing

Digital Printing

Pros:Directly digital printing, workable for full-color printing ,large-format printing and gradual color.high precision Unlimited color ,and the effect is only second to heat transfer printing, no fading.convenient proofing without filming.

Cons:The ink cost is high and the printing speed is slow. The printing speed of the fastest digital direct-injection printer can reach 150 m/s, but compared with traditional printing machines, it is still far behind, resulting in low overall output 



Pros:The logo has a three-dimensional effect and will not fall off or fall off

Cons:The price varies with the printing area, the larger the higher



Pros: mostly in logo printing, nice and cheap

Cons:As the label area is limited, only small logo can be applicate


Gold Stamp

Pros:Affordable price but look top grade

Cons: only single color can be applicate

Sewing Method

The main production method is sewing ,and we have several sewing method,the standard method is single sewing with sewing machine and without reinforced cross,you can also have other request to make the bag in a better way.

single stitched

Single stitched





without cross stitching

without cross

cross stitched

With cross

hot sealing

Hot sealling



Perfect Sewing Method

Choosing the accessories

Besides the normal design of bag, you can also choose accessories to make it function well, if you have different idea with what is shown here, you can also contact us ,we will help you achieve it.

plastic button

Single stitched

press button

Pressed button

magnet button

Magnet Button



iron hole

Iron hole

inside pocket

Inside pocket

with zipper

with zipper

adjust D ring

adjustable D ring


different webbings

with shoulder strap

with shoulder strap

woven label

woven lable

washing label

washing lable

all kinds of strings

different thickness of cotton string

Cotton String

Jute burlap string

Jute string

Korean string

polyester string

Polypropylene string

colorful ribbon


Send Your Logo and Artwork

In order to make the bag in a perfect printing effect,please try to use below recommended software to do the illustration.We need high resolution logo or artwork file so that we can work on that.And make sure to convert the artwork to path before sending to us.

AI logo

Adobe illustrator

Photoshop logo


CDR logo


DW logo


For the final logo or artwork, please send us in below format.

AI file

AI Format

Photoshop file

PS Format

PDF file

PDF Format

EPS file

EPS Format

JPG file

JPG Format

We Will Do Mockup for Your Confirmation

Size on bag

Bag Size and Shape

logo reuse me 2

Your Logo

size confirmation

Confirm Position

tote bag blank

Bag Size and Shape

logo reuse me 2

Your Logo


Confirm Position

After we got the logo,we will do the mockup for you to confirm the size and position of the bag you are going to make.

     Thickness not less than “1pt” (0.36mm)

       Printed image: Resolution “300 dpi” or higher

    English characters: The minimum letter height cannot be less than “3mm”

    Chinese characters: The minimum character height cannot be lower than “4mm”

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