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Bags By Style

Aveco provide a variety of bag styles,including the popular tote bag,drawstring bag,mesh bag,coolor bag,backpack bag,lunch bag,stationary bag,zipper bag,loundry bag,etc.we can also create unique bags to meet your requests.

Bags By Fabric

Aveco give you more options on the fabrics,we have cotton ,canvas,jute,non-woven,oxford,linen,felt, and other options if you want,as long as it can be sewed,then we can do it.

Bags By Occasion

As there is a variety of bags,you can find the bag for what you want to use, they are perfect for everydy,work and school ,for shopping bags, grocery bags,loundry bags,jewlery bags,gym bags etc.

Many stock designs

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Can also Custom

No Minimun

Stock Bags

Aveco also provide some popular stock white label designs, they are all blank, plain color with regular sizes, easier for starters to try and choose.

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