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Hello, I'm Jade Yuan, the custom eco bag expert.

Hi, I am Jade Yuan, the product manager of Avecobaggie, I have been in this eco bag industry for more than 5 years and I will share you some of the valuable information, my expertise and my insights in this industry here, which should help you the purchases from China.

Know More About Me

Special Experience

I was born in Ningbo, Zhejiang, growing up just like other kids, I finished primary school, middle school, high school, and then when I was at college, I was Requisitioned as a conscript for 2 years. Life in the army is impressive,I learned a lot, and it’s a beautiful memory to me now.

Work Hard

Then after graduated, I worked in a bag company exporting eco-bags until now, I was lucky that an expert taught me a lot about the industry, from the basic to the deep industry. He taught me hand by hand, about quality identification, cutting, sewing, printing, covering all knowledge in this bag industry, and I learned hard,2 years later, I was promoted as the product manager.

Enjoy Fun

I worked very hard, but I also enjoy life. I like traveling, each year I will choose a place to travel, to explore different places and meet all kinds of people, Normally I will go with my friends, But sometimes I go alone, that is really a different experience when you travel alone and you can make new friends.

I like playing sports, such as football, basketball, and badminton. We have a group of teams which will play the football game each month. And it’s really wonderful.

To keep fit, I go to the gym almost every day after work, because health comes first, one can only work best with a good body.

Other Skills

Besides, I can cook Chinese food very well, I cooked for the whole army when I was a compulsory serviceman many years ago, but now I cook for my team when we have parties and events. They all enjoy it a lot and I am also happy.

My work stories

I am now quite confident about my work since I was learning from the bottom, I am sure I can help you with a lot of valuable information.

I will share topics ranges from fabric weaving, dyeing, fabric quality identification, printing methods for different kinds of bags, manufacturing a good quality bag to How to import the eco bag from China. As long as you are interested, you can reach me.

I also source and study the latest new bags on the market and make out improved samples with our design and test it, helping our sales group develop new products and keep competitive.

I am also skilled at data collecting and analyzing, making a more popular eco-bag in your market. One story is that one of our old customer called Monica sent us a sample of the mesh produce bag and ask us to do the same, when I got the sample, I think the bag can be improved, so I did some research, and found that this bag on high search volume but it is too flooded if the customer just goes with the similar one, the margin is low and also it cannot sell very well. I then sent the research and my advice on how to do a revision, she was very happy when she saw this and takes my advice. When the project launch, it wins a good success. Both Monica and our team are happy.

To be a product manager, it is and believes the data, the data will tell you everything.

I am keen on learning about the data because it’s very important to know what products customers will like and how to improve, while the big data will never cheat.

My Recent Life Photos

I like cooking and
I am good at it

Special experience when I was in an army. We have to train every day. We have muscles.

Travelling in Yunnan,China

We have a football team to play every month.

I like playing badminton,after work,I will invite my friend to go to the stadium to play.

Travelling in Dali,China.

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