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7 Types Of Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

Nowadays, our life is proceeding towards prosperity due to a million inventions. Amidst this development, we are neglecting the basic things great for our environment.

We are talking about the most simple item with the power to save our environment and conserve energy. It is none other than the reusable shopping bag. These bags are practical, affordable, and an ideal alternative to disposable bags.

How Can You Make A Difference To The Environment With A Reusable Shopping Bag?

Without bags, our shopping spree is incomplete. We encounter plastic bags more than people these days. Because of their extensive use, their impact on our planet is the last thing on our minds. What if we ask you: Are these bags more important than someone’s life? Regardless of what your background is, you will say no.

When we say that plastic shopping bags you use are putting lives at stake, it is not an exaggeration. As responsible people, we must make sure that our actions don’t harm a living being. Almost 1 million marine organisms die every year from plastic bags. The sea animals take in the floating bags that end up choking up their digestive system. If this is not the case, the animals drown after getting entangled in plastic bags.

So, let’s not waste another day and begin using reusable bags. It is a great way to achieve two targets in one fell swoop. That means you can avoid pouring toxins into our planet and save some extra bucks for your future.

7 Types Of Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

Before we talk about their types, let’s discuss what makes them sustainable. Basically, for the making, bag manufacturers use only low-impact natural and organic materials. To name a few, there is cotton, silk, hemp, linen, wool, leather, and cellulose fibres.

  1. Canvas shopping bag
  2. Foldable shopping bag
  3. Insulated shopping bag
  4. Non-Woven shopping bag
  5. Nylon shopping bags
  6. Jute Shopping bags
  7. Recycled plastic shopping bags

Reusable Canvas Shopping Bag

In the making of this canvas bag, the manufacturer uses 100% cotton. The capacity of this canvas bag is enough to fit your entire grocery list. To make sure that it doesn’t rip off, there is cross-stitching at the handles.  

With this reusable bag, you don’t have to care about dirt marks or stains. Just put it in the washing machine on your laundry day, and it will become as good as new. Just throw it into the washing machine to get it clean.

The benefits of cotton canvas reusable bags are:

  • Efficient
  • More bearing capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Eco-friendly

The fabric of this bag undergoes a unique bleaching process. Hence, it is fantastic for painting, new colours, and embroidery. Check out custom solutions to give a touch of your personality to the bag. After customizing it, you can use it at the beach, picnic, party, gym, and many more places.

Water-Resistant Foldable Shopping Bag

Because this is a water-resistant foldable bag, you can use it for years to come. It can hold up all your items brilliantly. The characteristic that deserves a special mention is that it folds back into the tiny pouch. So, carrying it is never going to be a problem for you. You can put it in your pocket, purse, or on the dashboard of your car.

The pros of this bag are:

  • More Convenient
  • Water-Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Handy

However, the bag is a little flimsy. Therefore, the odds are, it will tear from the seam after putting heavy items in it. Aveco baggie can sew inseam to the bag.

Sturdy Insulated Bag

This premium quality insulated reusable bag comes with a soft-sided outer shell. The bag appears to be tough, but it is soft with foam insulation.

There is an insert that helps you keep the bottom flat. You can keep meat, groceries, and frozen items in it. Especially if the market is far from your home, you can zip it from the top. None of the items will slide over each other, even if the bag is in the trunk of your car. When you are not using it, fold it flat and put it in your drawer.

The features of this superb bag are:

  • Provides support
  • Simple loading and unloading
  • Machine washable
  • Strong handles
  • Spacious

To make this bag more durable, you need to add stitching throughout the bag. Custom solutions can give you several stitching options. According to your preference and usage, you can ask them to add to make the handles sturdier.

Glossy Non-Woven Shopping Bag

This is a gorgeous bag to add to your collection. This shiny glossy rose gold tone makes it look cuter. It is perfect for every season as it uses a water-resistant membrane. This reusable non-woven bag lasts forever. Not only that, it can easily tolerate 10 kg of weight.

The design of this bag makes it suitable for:

  • Gift Bag for Weddings
  • Parties
  • Festivals
  • Promotional events

Use it as a promotional bag for your business. Your potential clients will definitely love it. For printing your emblem on this bag, you can visit custom solutions. They have multiple unique options that will add elegance to this bag.

Nylon Shopping Bag With Zipper

This reusable nylon bag has bright colours to make it fun for daily use. The polyester bag is light and durable. It is an excellent replacement for a plastic bag. Now, you can go grocery shopping in style.

The long straps help you carry it on your shoulder. You can keep bottles, fruits, and vegetables in it and secure them with the zipper. The benefits of the nylon shopping bag with zipper are:

  • Lightweight fabric
  • Strong
  • Easy to dye
  • Many colour options
  • Compacts easily

As they are in the form of a blank canvas, you can add any artwork you like on them. The artwork custom solutions will create on your bag will not wash away after washing it a number of times.

Eco-friendly Jute Shopping Bag

The natural fibres of this bag are biodegradable, so it goes back from where it comes from: the soil. Besides that, these fibres come from renewable sources. Therefore, they play a part in combating climatic changes and pollution.

On the stress point, it has solid stitching. The handles of this reusable bag are thick to manage those extra few pounds. Hence, you use it for countless purposes.

It is ideal for:

  • Floral arrangements
  • Church events
  • Birthdays
  • Giveaways
  • Advertisements

This reusable bag is highly versatile. Thus, you must colour it in distinct vibrant colours. Custom solutions can dye it in so many colours that you can’t even count on your fingers.

Recycled Plastic Shopping Bag

The recycled plastic bag looks just like natural fabric. Usually, people are not able to tell the difference between these bags. Companies produce this material from the plastic you discard. That’s why you are contributing to decreasing waste. It takes three years for this bag to break down completely.

Advantages of this reusable bag include:

  • Durable
  • Reduction of waste
  • Needs less energy for production
  • Cheap

If you don’t want a bag with only recycled plastic, you have the freedom to blend it with other kinds of material. Also, if you wish to personalize it, even more, you can try custom solutions.


No matter what kind of bag you pick, it must be strong and long-lasting. Nevertheless, these bags have a substantial environmental impact and are cost-effective. Plus, as you can customize them as per your needs, they are very useful.

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