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How To Select Shopping Bags For Retail Stores

In December 2021, the retail sales value in the UK was at an all-time high. It amounted to approximately 55 billion British Pounds. With a boom in spending, many owners are now thinking about the “little things” in their businesses.

Shopping bags are a small but essential part of building relationships with clients. If you haven’t yet considered expending effort on your bags, it’s high time you do so. You’re losing the opportunity to stand out and earn referral sales by not stepping up your bag game.

But how do you decide on the shopping bag? Read on to learn more about choosing suitable bags for your retail enterprise.

Everything To Keep In Mind When Deciding On A Shopping Bag

Retail bags are a massively important part of your store’s branding. There are many factors to consider; the material of the bag, its color, and its size.

As the owner, you know your brand better than anyone else. Therefore, no one can help you except yourself when shopping for bags. Here are some tips on buying the shopping bags that will best meet your clients’ needs.

1) Size

The first deciding factor is the size of the shopping bags that you offer your clients. You will have to decide on small, medium, or large bags based on various considerations. Two of these factors are the number of items your customers are buying and how big the items in your store are.

An example can be that of a jewelry store. You’ll notice how jewelers usually keep small bags to sell products in. This is because the items they sell – such as rings and necklaces – are generally smaller.

Department stores need larger bags as consumers buy many sets of garments simultaneously. Having a large bag for small items or a small pouch for large items is not a great look for your brand.

2) Fabric

Next, determine the bag’s material. You will have to ensure that the bag’s fabric is sturdy enough to hold the goods your brand is selling. If not, you might have to double bag the items (which can increase bag costs) or run the danger of the bags getting ripped. In case of tears, the products are likely to get damaged, and the customers will complain.

For example, most retailers use plastic bags because they don’t sell hefty products. However, if your company sells heavy things, it’s best to utilise strong Kraft paper bags. These bags’ durable non-woven fabric can hold many heavy items. They outperform plastic bags in strength.

3) Color

Once you take care of other practical concerns, you should focus on the bag’s aesthetic. The right color will complement your branding strategy. It’s an integral part of the bag’s design.

When it comes to shopping bag colors, pick a shade that goes well with the logo and branding of your business. Your best choice is a color that blends with the existing color palette of your company.

However, if you cannot find a color that matches well, a neutral color will do. It’s best to avoid any colors that clash with your store’s theme. For example, purple bags won’t go well with a firm that usually uses red. Here, your best bet is to use white, nude, or silver.

Best Types Of Shopping Bags

It doesn’t matter what types of goods you sell; bags are a need for all retail shops. Product packaging is straightforward for big companies but somewhat challenging for new brands.

The various shopping bags in the market can overwhelm and confuse you. But there’s no need to worry! Here is some information on the best reusable shopping bags to help you in selecting the ideal bag.

1) Canvas Bag

Do you have a retail store that sells heavy products? Are you tired of having to double bag heavy items to prevent them from falling on the clients’ way back home? If your answer to these is yes, then it’s time for you to invest in some canvas reusable shopping bags wholesale.

Canvas shopping bags are a complete lifesaver when it comes to carrying heavy things. These bags are stronger than plastic bags and can hold more weight without falling apart.

Another reason you should get these is because of how versatile they are! Reusable shopping bags can help your company gain exposure in several settings. Shocking, right? But there’s a good explanation for it. People reuse these bags as they can carry them anywhere. As a result, you will definitely notice a marketing boost.


2) Jute Bag

Jute bags are hardy, multipurpose, and long-lasting. The fibers from the jute plant help make these bags. These plants are grown without the use of pesticides in regions with high rainfall. And the bag decomposes quickly without harming the environment. Therefore, using jute bags shows clients that your business is sustainable.

Besides the fact that jute bags are eco-friendly, they are also incredibly resilient. Their strength and stiffness make them suitable for carrying many different objects. Potential clients will appreciate these strong bags that they can reuse later on.

You will find that most brands use simple designs on their jute bags. However, adding a unique touch will help you stand out. With custom solutions, you can spice them up in the best possible way. Your clients will remember your brand better if you provide them with creative bags.

3) Tyvek Bag

People all around the world have growing concerns over heavy plastic usage. A lot of businesses do not use plastic bags anymore due to these environmental concerns.

Many stores now use Tyvek shopping bags instead. Bloomingdales’ usage of paper bags proves how they can effectively advertise your services. But it will only work if you do it right!

Although they may seem boring at first glance, paper bags come in various sizes and colors. Your customers can reuse these bags later, thereby advertising your brand further. Just make sure to customize your bags so that your logo is clear and the colors are on point.

Gone are the days of frail brown paper bags. AvecoBaggie‘s high-quality Tyvek bags add a personalized touch to every purchase.

different color Tyvek bag

Picking The Perfect Shopping Bag For Your Retail Store

Why choose a mass-produced, impersonal plastic bag? Especially now when there are so many eco-friendly custom solutions available. So put a unique spin on your bags.

At AvecoBaggie, we tailor your bags exactly to your specifications. You decide the style, color, and fabric that matches your brand’s aesthetic. And we’ll help you curate your brand image and make it memorable for your consumers.

Final Words

Reusable folding shopping bags may seem to be an afterthought when designing your store. In reality, they can change the trajectory of your business.

Functionality is an important feature, yes. But it’s not the only one. Visual aspects play an important role as well. Therefore, it’s best to put some real thought into your bag’s design. Use the right color, fabric, and size for your bags.

Your bags can also help you advertise your business in the best possible way. The right type of shopping bag can boost your sales a lot more than you think!

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