How To Design Your Brand Logo For Tote Bags

A majority of people remember your brand because of the design. Products with good design increase cognitive focus, encouraging people to buy them. However, if you fail to get the design right, the entire strategy can backfire.

To create a great brand impression, logo placement, design, and printing have to be flawless. Even if one of these elements is subpar, the audience will reject your product.

Today, there is no other product better than a tote bag for logo printing. They are multifunctional and affordable, and your logo turns out great on them.

In this article, we’ll explain how you can design a phenomenal logo for tote bags.

How To Finalize The Logo Of The Bags

When you design the logo of the bag, the key factor is the color of the design. It can persuade the audience to purchase your products.

Similarly, you need to check the font style of the logo. When the fonts are readable, it sparks curiosity in people.

Here is how you can come up with a design:

  • Choose the Perfect Color
  • Best Fonts For Tote Bags
  • Graphic Tools for Spectacular Designs

Choose The Perfect Color

Your logo design can become your identity. While experimenting with different colors, consider the psychology behind them. Deciding on the right color can instantly put your customers in a good mood. In fact, 62% to 90% of brand evaluation of the audience depends on colors.

For instance, you can select dark colors like blue, black, and red to make your logo stand out. So even if the audience forgets your brand’s name, the emblem won’t leave their subconscious.

Best Fonts For Tote Bags

Unlike colors, you can’t experiment with several fonts simultaneously in one logo. It is best not to use more than three fonts. That, too, depends on the text you add. For instance, you can use different fonts if you are writing your brand name with a slogan.

A popular font combination is the script and sans serif font. You can create a wonderful design by mixing fonts that complement each other. So avoid using two script fonts in the same logo design.

A trick to selecting the right font for your logo is to pick one captivating main font. This font should represent the style of your brand. Make sure no other font overshadows the central font. On the other hand, the supporting fonts should be subtle.

Sans-serif font works pretty well as a font for brand messages. If you think that the design seems over the top, use one font in various ways. For instance, you can write the brand’s name in bold and the message in Italics.

Graphic Design Tools For Spectacular Designs

Before choosing the design tool for the logo, choose a design. You need to find answers to specific questions. For instance, do you want an image or just text for your logo? Or if you want to combine both of them.


If you want to go basic, GIMP is the tool for you. This powerful tool can help you make subtle changes to logo images. You can spruce up the colors and integrate effects to enrich the image. It can also help you select fonts of your choice.


For those who want to create a design themselves, Paint.NET is an amazing tool. You can get it for free on your Windows. What’s great about this tool is that even someone with little knowledge of design can operate it.

Factors That Make A Logo Effective

Many people assume that overcomplicating the logo will make it interesting. However, you don’t necessarily need a whole bunch of elements for capturing attention. By overdoing the design, you can hurt your brand image. Especially if you are dealing with usable items – their looks are paramount.

Below are the factors that make a logo aesthetically pleasing:

  • Placement of the Logo
  • Size of the Logo

Designers don’t place logos randomly on a product. Behind the position of the logo, there is a reason. For instance, if you print the logo on the front side of the bags, it might come on top of a zipper. This leads to poor printing, and eventually, your logo will come off because of the zipper teeth.

Similarly, printing over pockets and seams requires more work. So, choose the part with no zippers, pockets, or seams for the best results.

Pro tip: Don’t print on the thick sections of the tote bags if the thickness is not uniform. When you print a design on an uneven surface, it might break and become a mess.

Once you find the location, determine the size of the logo. Do you want a small logo on the side or a big one in the center?

You likely have a range of sizes available for designing your tote bags. You can also make the tote bags in two sizes. According to that, you can resize the logo and other elements surrounding it.

A professional can give you better advice on design sizing and placement. At AvecoBaggie, we understand what’s suitable for your tote bags. We have designers to ensure that your logo looks remarkable on the bags. With our custom solutions, we transform every logo design from a rough draft to reality.

Options For Customized Logo Printing

Custom tote bags are versatile and popular items that can be useful for while labels. To print gorgeous logos on them, you can use any of the following methods:

  • Screen printing
  • Heat transfer printing
  • Embroidery

Heat Transfer Printing

In heat transfer printing, we transfer the logo on the bag with the help of a heat press machine. The process involves applying heat and pressure. With this technique, you get high-quality logo printing on the bag.

You can use it for multiple colors. However, heat transfer printing is not ideal for bags with dark colors.

Screen Printing

To transfer your logo on the bag with screen printing, we follow two steps:

  1. Cut out a screen into a stencil according to your design.
  2. Use ink to fill in the color.

You can print only one color at a time. So for multiple colors, the process requires more stencils. This method is more expensive and time-consuming than heat transfer. But it gives more long-lasting results and works for dark-colored bags as well.


Embroidery is the best choice for adorning bags with a thicker fabric like canvas. It’s durable, long-lasting, and gives an artistic look to your bags.

And while embroidery may cost more than logo printing techniques, it still offers more value for money because of its longevity. However, if the size of your logo is large, it’s best to stick to other printing options.

What Avecobaggie Has To Offer

Massive Range Of Bags With Logos

At AvecoBaggie, we bring you a range of bag styles, colors, printing options, and materials. We offer plain canvas, drawstring, cotton totes, and jute bags. That, too, in bulk quantities at the most affordable prices.

Customization Options

With custom solutions, you can design your bags in any way you like. We manufacture bags and print premium-quality logos that live up to your expectations.

High-quality Raw Materials And Printing

As distributors, we use high-quality raw materials and the best machinery to ensure up-to-par printing. All logos come out clean and sharp, looking great on tote bags.

Final Words

The logo of your products speaks louder than words. For such a marketing strategy, you won’t find anything as cost-effective and cool as tote bags.

Tote bags are an outstanding option to print your logo. They are multifunctional, easy to buy in bulk, appealing, environment-friendly, and affordable. Hence, buying them wholesale with your logo is a win-win for dealers and buyers.

At AvecoBaggie, there are numerous design options to get you started. Browse our custom solutions to get well-designed bags that revolutionize businesses.

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