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How To DIY A Flap Bag: Steps For Your Customers

The modern consumer wants to indulge in the process of creation. Therefore, the DIY industry is gaining popularity with each passing day. So, it’s time to jump on the DIY bandwagon by offering design collaboration activities to the clients.

Just like how LEGO became a household name by using this technique, you can do it too. Co-creation becomes more enjoyable when you have a versatile accessory like flap bags. Primarily for aspiring artists who are passionate about creating something of their own.

Read on to learn how you can empower customers to achieve their end goal with your blank canvas bags.

What Are Flap Bags?

As the name suggests, flaps bags have a flap or an extra piece of fabric to cover the opening of a bag. In our opinion, flaps are more stylish than a zipper or a drawstring. They increase the capacity of the bag while giving them a chic look. Because flaps don’t break like drawstrings and zippers, you won’t drop anything on the way.


How To Grow Your Business With Flap Bags

Nobody wants to carry cheap-looking mainstream bags to school or work. Hence, customizing old or plain bags at home is a trend that is spreading like wildfire. Mostly, people find ways to save money on expensive bags. Take this opportunity to grow your business by targeting the right audience.

People decorate bags to express their creativity, personality, and interests. For instance, art school teachers might need blank flap bags in bulk for their students.

Getting a bag that will suit everyone’s needs is a daunting task. That is because there is an extensive variety of materials, styles, and qualities of such bags. Luckily, to skip this exhausting chore, we have a fantastic solution for you. AvecoBaggie is where you can find any bag you need at an incredible value. They have a huge collection of fabric, designs, bag accessories, and more.

To get bags that would accommodate the needs of your clients, AvecoBaggie is the ideal place.

Tips To Decorate The Flap Bag

Let’s move on to how you can inspire your customers to pour out their inventiveness on these bags. It’s important to communicate to the “do it themselves” audience. You can please them with valuable instructions to do things without making mistakes.

Leave a printed card with these directions to help the user in finishing their project.

DIY Ideas For Artists

Stencil designs look fantastic on canvas bags. This is how you can transform a blank canvas into a unique work of art:






  1. First off, take any paint you like. For instance, oil paint, acrylic paint, metallic paint, etc.
  2. Wet a brush and squeeze until there is no excess moisture in it.
  3. Begin by using tiny amounts of paint.
  4. Instead of applying paint with a brush in an angled position, use it vertically.
  5. Cover those parts of the stencil with painter’s tape where you don’t need the paint.
  6. Clean the stencil right after finishing the design.
diy canvas tote bag spray

DIY Ideas For People Who Love To Travel

Traveling brings countless sweet memories. In a traveler’s life, there is always a journey they want to immortalize. Our next idea is a way to keep the memories alive and close to you. You can add your favorite photos to a plain flap bag by following these steps:



Image transfer glue




  1. Print out the photo or photos you like according to the size of the bag.
  2. Cut the excess white part of the photograph.
  3. Put a thick layer of glue on the picture with a brush.
  4. Place something inside the bag to keep its shape uniform.
  5. Stick the image on the bag and make sure there are no air bubbles out by rubbing the photo.
  6. Give it some time to dry completely.
  7. Use a damp sponge in light pressing motions to pull out the paper.
  8. Remove the residue of the paper to make sure you don’t get a white covering on your image.
  9. Lastly, use the image-maker glue over the top of the picture in a small quantity and gently rub it in with a brush.
  10.  Leave it until it dries.
From Plaid Crafts

DIY Ideas For Other Professionals

People tend to get bored of using a similar bag every day. There is a way of adding decorations to spruce up the appearance of your bag:


  • Rhinestones, pearls, or other embellishments
  • Marker
  • Adhesive
diy canvas tote bag shiny-chip


  1. Choose the gems you want to add to the bag.
  2. Mark the bag to see where you must attach each gem to avoid errors.
  3. Use a good adhesive to adhere them to the bag. Or, you can also stitch them if you have tailoring experience.

Types Of Flap Bags You Can Get Customized From AvecoBaggie

Often, people get impressed by celebrities flaunting their customized accessories. But now, you can also get whatever design you like on a bag. Avecobaggie has ideas and technologies to make wonderful bags from scratch. These bags will upgrade your wardrobe and make you feel no less than a celeb. Avecobaggie can provide these types of bags:

  1. Crossbody bags
  2. Tote Bags
  3. Messenger bags
  4. Backpacks

Crossbody Bags

It’s true that nothing can be more comfortable and stylish than simple crossbody bags. These affordable bags are convenient to carry. From everyday school classes to late-night parties, they go with everything and anything

Moreover, custom solutions offer different elements to make them appealing to the audience.

Tote Bags

You can get two types of flap tote bags: classic and organic tote bags. That means you can push your consumer to replace plastic or any toxic material. Hence, this will help you create a fan base for your brand and reduce environmental pollution.

Messenger Bags

You can get small and cute messenger bags from AvecoBaggie. Even if they look tiny, your customers would be able to keep a lot of essentials in them.

They are lightweight, so those who think using backpacks is a hassle would adore these bags. Also, after a hectic day, people will not feel stressed because of shoulder pain.


The main purpose of a backpack is to facilitate people on their long trips. They enable them to carry their belongings safely. Backpacks can be lightweight and flexible as well.

You can check custom solutions to add lining or pockets for maximum protection. In this way, these bags will attract hikers and adventure enthusiasts.


Finding the right bag is a serious dilemma for many people. But when you give them creative endeavors, the release of dopamine makes them happy. Empower your customer by letting them experiment and paint on your flap bags

That’s how you can make a business by being a non-maker. Not only that, this tells the audience your brand is approachable and customer-focused. Lastly, focus on giving every buyer something useful for their line of work or daily routine. As a result, they will recognize your brand in a short period.

If you want to save your time and effort, visit AvecoBaggie to get phenomenal flap bags.

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