Unique Bag Colors To Smartly Market Your Brand

Many people are unaware of how simple designs and colors affect our brains. Studies show colors can influence moods, stress levels, and decisions. Several brands use them as a powerful tool to send a message.

When consumers engage with your brand, colors can influence their decisions. According to a survey, 84% of people buy a product due to colors.

Let’s say that someone hands you a product wrapped in a green packet. What will strike your mind at first sight? The brand promotes eco-friendly products. So even without knowing the message of the brand, you make an assumption by seeing the color.

You can use this as a strategy for the growth of your business through advertising, marketing, and promotion. Read on to learn how to use various colors to benefit your company.

The Effect Of Cool Colors

As the term cool suggests, these colors give the vibe of serenity and calmness. The key effect of cool colors is to change the mind from a chaotic to a relaxed state. Thus, people use these colors in their homes to release stress from their daily lives. Now you know why looking at the blue skies brings peace to your mind.

Below are the colors that have meditative effects:


People perceive blue as a symbol of solidity and trustworthiness. Blue is the color of choice for promoting security, finance, and real estate businesses. This is because its implication invokes a sense of safety.

Those who are looking for an easy way to gain reliability should consider blue for branding.


Green radiates growth, prosperity, health, and nature. These characteristics make it perfect for organic brands. If your brand endorses products for your fitness or health brand, you won’t regret using green.

In an experiment, Heinz changed their red bottles to green. And guess what happened? They marked extra 23 million dollars in sales. If they can do it, you can at least give it a shot by launching a batch of green products.


Nowadays, people consider purple a trendy color. However, it has more positive features than just that.

Color psychology connects it to richness, intelligence, and authority. You can use this color to communicate how luxurious your brand is. No wonder hundreds of expensive skincare come in purple packaging.

You can use this concept as well. Order merchandise and color them to showcase the superiority of your brand.

The Effect Of Warm Colors

Warm colors evoke feelings of happiness, joy, and buoyance. All these colors have an intense impact and stand out in the crowded market.

Here are the warm colors that are fruitful for publicizing your brand.


Red is a color that never fails to capture attention. Red evokes the feeling of excitement and energy. However, while using red, you have to be precautious. It is an overpowering color used in warning signs and urgent messages.

Naturally, after looking at red, we get ready to act. For instance, what happens after seeing discounts in red text on social media? You feel the urge to click to avoid missing out on anything.

Similarly, when you dye your promotional items red, the odds are that the audience will take a glance.


Mostly, manufacturers use orange color to produce toys and other accessories for kids. This eye-catching color symbolizes success, ardor, and enthusiasm. This is what makes it perfect for white labels to introduce themselves in the market.


Pink is a versatile color that covers many shades. Although pink is usually seen as a girly color, it has a different meaning in color psychology. Manufacturers can use this color in their products to show compassion. It will surely attract young adults as it is pleasant to the eyes.

If your brand focuses on teenagers, you can use this color in branding and production.


This is another soothing color that brings up the emotions of encouragement and optimism. People fall for things that seem upbeat in any sense. In 3 minutes, the majority make a judgment about your brand. Your job is to retain them during this period.

Fortunately, yellow can seize such an opportunity for you. Pro Tip: When using yellow for marketing, you can neutralize it with other colors. This is a smart way if you don’t want it to appear harsh to the clients.

How To Choose Colors Based On Your Brand?

Whether you are an independent brand or sell products in bulk, a brand color scheme has a trickle effect. You can customize your brand name, logo, and giveaway items by selecting the right color. There is no hard and fast rule for going with just one color.

When using warm colors, go ahead and blend them with cool colors. For color branding schemes, the sky’s the limit. For example, you can use warm colors in the background and use characters or fonts of cool colors.

The idea is to adorn your brand identity with a fair balance and contrast of colors. So you should research the mood and impression you want to create in the viewer’s mind.

Color Schemes By Popular Brands

In this section, we will look at some well-recognized color schemes.


Starting with the dominant color, Adidas uses to market its offering一white. They use a white background with black as the font color. For the photos on their website, they use grey and black to form an attractive combination.


One of the most famous search engines, Yahoo, uses purple for its logo. The website uses an array of colors, but purple remains the central color for branding.

Ikea And Ferrarri

People think yellow might dissuade the consumer from buying your product. But if that was the case, Ikea must have changed its logo. High-end brands like Ferrari use yellow as well.


Like Adidas, Nike makes use of the black, white, and grey color scheme for their online presence. For the logo, notice the all-black approach. The use of such color tones makes it easier for the audience to read the content on your items.


Speaking of grey, Apple has been using it for years in its branding. It is a muted color, yet it looks incredibly iconic. For all their gadgets, they use the signature grey logo and earn millions.

Social Media Platforms

Blue: the ubiquitous color businesses utilize for advertising and branding. Have you ever imagined why all the social media platforms are blue?

Tech companies want the audience to discern their services as dependable and relaxing. And, the blue color makes it achievable for them.

We have laid out the famous color schemes for you. Now, it’s up to you how you use the prism of colors to entice the audience.

How AvecoBaggie Can Help You Print Colored Bags

By creating a branding element or personalized bags, you allow the user to feel a certain way. Bags are all-rounder products. Brands can sell them or use them as promotional items.

If you’re looking for a reliable manufacturer, AvecoBaggie has custom solutions for every type of bag. You are in charge of the design, and we implement it in your bags to win over your customers.

With custom solutions, you can choose from a wide range of colors. You get options like flocking, gold printing, embroidery, and so much more. Consequently, your business gets room to shine with customized products.

Our former clients call us rare-to-find Chinese suppliers for delivering first-rate printed bags. AvecoBaggie’s USP lies in our products being identical on-screen and in person.


For color branding, the rules are not carved in stone. That’s why you have the freedom to experiment with various colors. In this blog, we have mentioned some tried and tested color schemes. But there is no need to stick by the same formula.

In short, follow your heart to customize bags for promotion. If you are planning to order beautiful bags wholesale, check out AvecoBaggie. You might get some fresh ideas by browsing through our custom solutions.

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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