Best Fabrics To Use For Drawstring Bags

People have been using drawstring bags since ancient times because of their versatility. In the past, people used them to gather food and medicinal supplies. They have resurfaced in the modern age because of their many benefits.

Businesses have started to embrace these bags for promotion. Drawstring bags are the way to go – especially when hosting giveaways at trade shows or corporate events.

However, as a new company, you might need some help while starting your business. But there’s no need to worry because we are here to help you with that!

The first thing to do is research the type of fabric you want. Opting for a durable and sturdy material is the easiest way to go about it.

Read this quick guide to choose the best fabric for your drawstring bags.

Features To Look For Before Choosing A Fabric

Packaging materials help in protecting products. So it’s important to understand the characteristics when deciding which fabric to choose.

Below is a list of factors to consider before you select the perfect material for your drawstring bag.


Grams per Square Meter (GSM) is the unit of measurement used for fabric thickness. The heavier your fabric, the more robust the bag. This is why you should always look for heavy-weight materials with a GSM of at least 90.

Numerous bag manufacturers use fabrics of 80 GSM or less. This can lead to tearing, leaking, or potential injury to the customers handling the bags. The proper fabric weight is, therefore, essential to the safety and performance of the bag.


The durability of a bag depends entirely on the material you make it from. The sturdy materials available in the market should always be your first preference. Bags you give out should last your customers a couple of years, even if they frequently use them.

The material you opt for should be long-lasting, carrying the customers’ products for a long time. Buying fashionable bags from a well-known brand does not ensure their strength. It is important to take some time out and understand which fabric goes well with your product.

Some examples of durable fabrics are canvas, nylon, and cotton. These lightweight fabrics can hold a lot of weight and are durable against wear and tear.


Climate change is now the talk of the town, and everything you do is judged on whether or not it’s eco-friendly. Our planet is on the verge of collapsing; therefore, we must be on the lookout for greener and safer options.

Drawstring bags made of eco-friendly fabrics are perfect for you if you want to make a difference. Consumers are now in search of green businesses. Using eco-friendly bags is a great way to showcase what truly matters to your brand.

Furthermore, you can reuse and recycle these bags whenever you want. A tremendous eco-friendly fabric is burlap. Through this, you can also provide your customers with a comfortable and durable bag.

The Best Fabrics Available For Drawstring Bags

There always has to be a careful balance between function and form when selecting a fabric for a bag.

You will need to ask some questions before deciding on a particular material. How much use will this bag receive over its lifetime? What will your customers use it for? Is it intended for adults, teenagers, or kids? Once you’ve answered questions such as these, you can move on to deciding the exact fabric you want.

Below, we have mentioned four of the best materials for drawstring bags to make your job easier.


Burlap is a coarsely woven cloth made from flax, jute, or hemp fibers. It is a breathable and durable fabric used to create drawstring bags to carry goods.

One known quality of burlap is that it is resistant to condensation. This means that its contents do not absorb moisture.

They also decompose naturally, making them an eco-friendly option. Additionally, this material is very tough, making it ideal for harsh conditions.  


In the modern world, cotton bags have countless advantages. The fabric is strong, appealing, and resilient. You can wash it if it gets dirty; most customers appreciate this.

Since these bags are less likely to rip than plastic bags, they are an excellent, reusable choice. With these, you will never have to worry about double-bagging your customer’s products.

One delightful aspect of cotton is its availability in various prints and colors. The diverse range allows you to create a design that reflects your brand’s image.

You can also customize these bags by having your logo printed directly onto them. Doing so will give your bags a distinctive touch for your clients.


Canvas, a type of cotton, is a plain-woven fabric preferred by many companies. It offers excellent value for money and has a great foundation for printing.

The printed canvas drawstring bags by AvecoBaggie are made from entirely natural materials. This indicates how canvas can help promote an eco-friendly image for your brand. It doesn’t even matter what industry you work in!

Customers also find canvas bags comfortable to use, adding to this fabric’s charm.


Polypropylene mesh bags have recently started gaining popularity in grocery retail. Companies can use them to package a wide range of goods, including produce and clothing. Although many kinds of mesh bags exist, polypropylene bags are the best option.

Their popularity is greatly attributed to their strength and eco-friendliness. This makes them much more cost-effective as you will not have to spend much on plastic bags that rip easily. You can give your customers a net vegetable bag to transport their groceries instead.

AvecoBaggie offers colorful mesh drawstring bags that are ideal for stocking your facility. You can easily score a great deal with their affordable prices. Whether you want to stock them in your clothing or grocery store, they’ve got you covered!


Nylon is yet another material that is very popular for drawstring backpacks. This slippery and slick fabric is available in many colors and is stain-resistant. Additionally, it dries quickly and resists mildew, making it perfect for outdoor use. Therefore, customers prefer this over other fabrics as they do not need to wash it repeatedly to reuse it.

Besides this, nylon is lightweight and flexible, which you can stretch to fit any item inside it. No matter the size of the product, its elastic properties will allow it to cover the product and keep it safe.

Where Can You Find Good-Quality Fabrics For Your Bags?

Looking for a way to improve your brand visibility without breaking the bank? You’ve come to the right place! AvecoBaggie is an expert on all things promotional and printed.

Using our custom solutions, you can find the exact type of fabric you want for your drawstring bags. Whether burlap or canvas, we have a comprehensive range of materials for every brand. Click here and get the customized drawstring bags of your dreams!


A bag thrown away or left in a closet gathering dust has no brand value. Customers evaluate your brand when they evaluate your bag. Therefore, you should always use the best durable fabrics to last at least a year or so. Using your brand’s customized drawstring bags will showcase customer satisfaction and garner attention.

We hope this article helped you understand which fabrics are the best for drawstring bags. Happy shopping!

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