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How To Make A Tote Bag With Lining

Undoubtedly, having a tote bag makes life super convenient. With a tote bag, you don’t forget even the tiniest items on your way out. And, how cool would it be if your bag gets you out of the style rut? In this blog, we will share an easy method for making a tote bag with lining.

Things You Need To Make A Tote Bag

  • Fabric for Handles and Exterior
  • Lining Fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Tailor Chalk
  • Straight Pins
  • Cutter or Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Iron

Steps You Need To Follow

The reason for adding a lining is to give a flawless finish to the tote bag. The end product will have the strength to carry all the heavy items. Moreover, it will help you create a style statement every day.

Generally, the size of a tote bag is around 13 inches in length and 15 inches in width. Since you are making it for yourself, you have the liberty to choose the size.

Step 1: Cut The Fabric

First of all, decide the size of the bag. For the exterior, cut two pieces from the fabric according to the length and width you prefer. For the lining, you need to do the same thing. Next, prepare the fabric for straps.

To make an ideal bag, you need perfect measurements. Hence, before starting the project, determine the dimensions of your tote bag.

Step 2: Make The Bag Handles

To make the handles sturdy, you can stitch two fabrics together. There are a number of interfacings that serve different purposes. For instance, fusible fleece, woven, and net.

Take the fabric that was for making the handles and fold it in half. The right sides must be together and stitch the long side. Turn it in a way that the intended outer surface is on the outside. Following this, you must keep the seam in the middle and press the straps flat.

Step 3: Make The Exterior Of The Bag

When you make the body, you have to leave the top open. Place the right sides together. Start stitching the side seams and the bottom of the fabric. Use the same steps for making the lining.

Step 4: Create A Pleat

You need to add a pleat in the design. So the bag will have a flat bottom. That’s how nobody will ever know that your tote bag is handmade. Make a triangle in the corner by folding the bottom part of the bag. To arrange it to perfection, match up the side seam and the bottom seam.

Use the chalk to mark a distance slightly away from the corner. Pin it at the marked point. Also, make a line that you need to stitch and sew it across to form a pleat. Next, clip the triangle and erase the marks. Do this for all corners and, of course, the lining. Leave about  ¼  or ½ inches for seam allowance.

Step 5: Assemble Everything Together

Keep the lining in the bag and make sure the right sides are together. Line up the side seams as well.

Place the raw edges of handles close together, facing the same way. Between the lining and exterior, put one of the handles and pin it. For the other one, you have to do it again. Use the seam allowance to sew around the upper edge of the tote bag.

Step 6: The Final Touch

Press the top seam by turning the bag right side out. Later on, push the fabric of the lining inside the bag and press the top edge. Finally, sew the area around the entire top of the tote bag.

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There is a famous quote that says: Create the things you wish existed. With these six easy steps, you can make yourself a personalized tote bag that you always fancied. It will stand out and will be contingent on your necessities. You can adorn it more by adding sequins, pearls, different patterns, and more!

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