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Why Are Reusable Grocery Bags Becoming More Popular?

Many countries worldwide are banning non-biodegradable plastic bags. They are encouraging the use of eco-friendly bags for grocery shopping instead.

Today, one can easily spot reusable grocery bags. In shopping marts, street fashion, schools, colleges, workplaces — everywhere.

Why? Well, the answer might just go on to surprise you! Here are eight reasons why reusable grocery bags are on the rise:

Earth-Hugging alternative to Plastic Bags

While life in plastic might be fantastic in the Barbie world, in our world, it is drastic. Let’s look at some numbers that showcase the aftermath of using plastic bags.

Reusable canvas grocery bags serve as a clean and green alternative to plastic bags. As canvas is a cotton product, it is biodegradable. Even if it ends up in a landfill, it only takes a year to degrade.


Great Value for Money

Many people think that plastic bags are cheaper than reusable shopping bags. And while this may be true for a one-time purchase, it doesn’t add to its value.

Consider this: An average person buys 700 plastic bags per year. Now, instead of spending all your energy, time, and money on getting that many plastic bags a year. Why not just buy one reusable grocery bag and use it for many years to come?

Don’t buy cheap; buy smart.

You can also reduce the cost of each bag by purchasing such grocery bags in bulk from a wholesale market. In this way, you save money in the long run.


Strength and Durability

The most frustrating experience with plastic bags is how they tear easily. Especially when you add sharp products like kitchen utensils to them. More often than not, their handles break away. Similarly, paper bags cannot hold the weight of heavy groceries. Groceries fall right through them as you carry the paper bag from the driveway into your kitchen.

Here’s the good news. Large reusable shopping bags can sustain the weight of fruits and vegetables. They can stay intact no matter what you put into them or where you carry them.


Easy Maintenance

Reusable grocery bags are easily washable. All you have to do is submerge your washcloth in disinfectant soap and wipe the bag until the stains fade away. Rinse the washcloth and wipe it again to release the soap from the bag. It is best to air-dry the bag afterward. Washing your bag once a week should be enough to keep it healthy and clean.

Don’t have time to wash the bag weekly? Don’t worry! We got you. Consider these alternatives:

  • Remove all fixtures and toss the bag into the washing machine. Set the temperature as mentioned on the bag’s label. To escape shrinkage issues, wash the bag at lower temperatures. Slow down the centrifuge for a gentle wash.
  • Use a disinfectant spray. But make sure that you let the bags dry before folding them away.

Brand Exposure — a walking billboard

We see people carrying reusable shopping bags with them everywhere. In stores, shopping malls, schools, workplaces, sidewalks, and gas stations. One can’t help but notice different logos and designs printed on them. Sometimes, we go up to them and ask about the message they’re carrying on their reusable grocery bags. If you’re a business owner, you can use these bags as walking billboards. They will help you promote your brand of products and services.

Using reusable shopping bags also makes your company look good in the eyes of your customers. People trust brands that make green choices and actively decrease their carbon footprint.



All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again. But they sure can stitch up reusable grocery bags together again.

Eco-friendly grocery bags are reusable. Even when their handles come off, we can always stitch them back together and use them for as long as we want.

Excellent repurpose Potential

Although grocery cart bags are strong, there comes a point when they break and tear too. But these bags never go to waste and you can repurpose them at home as:

  • Pouches to store vegetables, dry nuts, car keys, jewelry, and more!
  • Pencil bags for stationery.
  • Purses to carry as a fashion statement.
  • If you’re a plant mom (or dad), you can also use them as planters for your plants.
  • Multipurpose wall hanging organizers with pockets.
  • Pillowcases for a good night’s sleep.
  • Decorative pillow cushions for sofas.
  • Aprons for yourself when you do the dishes or for your kids when they play with paint.
How to turn an old handbag into a wall storage bag?-By Yami Crafting

Customizable — Different types of reusable grocery bags

Here’s the hallmark of reusable grocery bags: they are customizable!

We all love products that are just “us” or speak to us. Personal reusable grocery bags allow you to spin them into whichever style you want. Your color, shape, size, fabric, pantone, printing method, and design. You get to pick and carry the bag of your choice.

Now, let’s look into my top picks for the best reusable grocery bags!

Mesh shopping bags

When it comes to style, mesh shopping bags are perfect for fruits and vegetables. They help you organize your groceries and keep them from mixing with each other.

They come in different mesh sizes and are easy to carry, eco-friendly, and portable. We can also use them for laundry purposes.

Cotton Portable Shopping Bag with Net

Nylon foldable reusable shopping bags

Although nylon is non-biodegradable, it’s still a good alternative to plastic. We can recycle nylon (usually from old fishing nets) and use it many times.

Nylon foldable reusable shopping bags are lightweight and highly durable. In simpler words, they do not rip easily.

Such nylon reusable bags are foldable as well, adding to their convenience. Some companies design them in such a way that they don’t drag the ground at all.

Insulated grocery bags

Insulated grocery bags are cooler bags. They prevent the transfer of heat from the bag to the environment and vice versa.

Cooler bags are spacious and laced with aluminum foil. You can pack your lunch in them or carry canned beverages in them for a picnic.

Customized Oxford cloth bento bag lunch box insulation bag

Heavy-duty canvas grocery bags

Canvas and cotton bags are best for carrying heavy grocery loads. They are biodegradable, lightweight, and remarkably resistant to wear and tear. Hand washing them is the best way to go about cleaning, but you can also use a washing machine. Canvas also lays down the best ground for printing! The color ink doesn’t fade upon washing.

Eco-friendly portable collapsible shopping bag


Reusable bags come in all shapes and sizes, and you can pick the one that best fits your needs. They are eco-friendly, durable, easy to maintain, and have many uses. From grocery shopping to making a fashion statement, these bags do it all. Brands use them to build a positive image and stand for the best clean and green practices. Usable bags help us go green and keep our carbon footprint to the minimum.

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