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Why eco bag wholesale is a worthy investing business for beginners?

If you decide to start your own business, whether offline or online business, the most important thing is to choose the right product and the right industry. Because choosing the right thing will make your business start easier and go further in the future.

But before the initial confirmation of a major industry category, you need to do more marketing researches and analyze the data, calculate the cost, compare the pros and cons, and then make the final decision to have a green light or just stop. It takes a lot time and effort.

According to my research, it’s worth to invest eco bag wholesale as your first business. Below are 6 reasons with specifying the details.

  1. Wide applications
  2. Variety of shapes and materials
  3. Easy to Custom and Personalization
  4. Expanding brand awareness
  5. Small business risk
  6. Social response

Wide applications

Eco bag is functioned as a great alternative of plastic bag, which is eco friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, it can be used in wide occasions with multi purposes.

Here I listed some popular application for your reference if you want to start the eco bag wholesale business.


It’s quite common to see an eco bag in your daily life, a canvas shopping bag, canvas grocery bag, reusable produce bag or food storage bag in the kitchen, supermarket or bags on the go.

For shopping bag, main feature is large capacity, reusable and easy to carry, and a big loading weight for shopping all kinds of staffs. If it has some additional feature such as compacted foldable or multi-function, then it will be definitely more popular.

Check this creative canvas made reusable shopping bag with 6 pocket inside as an example for designing your eco bags before starting.

Large Canvas Grocery Tote Bag

For the kitchen storage bag, most customers wanted it to be well sealed, reusable, and washable. Since the year 2020, reusable veggie bags become a best seller in home and kitchen produce bags. People raised more awareness on protecting the environment and love to buy such eco-friendly produce bags, making their life greener and eco.

Reusable Cotton Mesh Produce Bag

A laundry bag can also be made with eco friendly material. A waterproof canvas laundry bag is a great alternative to a laundry basket, or bucket, which is more cheap and reusable, and space saving.

Work & School

Generally speaking, work & school eco bags are designed to hold regular-shaped items such as laptops and stationaries, and customers’ requirements for such eco bags are simple and sturdy. 

Those eco bags are ranging from school backpack bag, insulted lunch bag, Cooler bag, stationary zipper bags , canvas laptop bag, canvas camera bag and so on.

For a school backpack bag or insulted lunch bag, to do a unique custom design request a high MOQ, for this group, I suggest to take the white labeled bag as a trial, and then you can move forward to custom your own design or shape if it sells well.


For travelling purposes, the bag must be resistant to dirt, wear and weight, enough space through your journey. you can explore more models such as backpack bag, beach bag, duffel bag,etc.  Those bags are more complicated in shapes but also profitable. But It takes more budget to start than simple canvas bags.


People are paying more attention on fitness and building their bodies both at home and outdoor. Then it will surely give you more market on a variety of gym bags.

If you are doing exercise in the gym, you need to make a drawstring backpack bag with some of your belongings inside, these bags are relatively light and easy to carry.

If you go outdoor, you may need some special function bags such as hiking bags, riding bags, camping bags, and so on.


Use as packaging

Now many brands choose eco bags as the package, for example, luxury bags, shoes, and kids’ cloth. Unlike paper bags and plastic bags, easy to break and easy to deformation.

The Eco bag has more chance to replace. A drawstring cotton bag can not only protect the goods inside the package, looks natural and sustainable, but also save resources, it can be used much time which inadvertently promotes your brand. Currently, there are drawstring cotton bag for jewelry, gifts, etc,

Christmas red pouch

Promotional Events/giveaways

If you plan to open your new retail store in the next 2 weeks, what will be the giveaways to attract your customers on that big day? Flyers? Flyers are an inexpensive way to promote a store in a short period of time, but in general, many customers will take the flyer and throw it into the nearest trash can. Promotional Cups?  While cups are attractive to guests as promotional gifts, custom cups with logo are usually high MOQ, and production time is around 35 days.

On top of that, promotional cups are a big expense for new openers, and using promotional cups as free gifts is a risky option before you can be sure that your offline store will be profitable.

Then Eco bag is best! Usually to custom an Eco bag is not that hard, for promotional events, the best is drawstring cotton bag or cotton totes. The MOQ is very low to even 50 pieces, and can customize the logo and size, at the same time, the price is the general promotion cup 1/5, even if the guests are not interested in buying anything right now. But when he took the cotton tote with your logo home, other people will notice the store information written on the bag, and then he will go to find you according to the contact information on eco bag some day.

Variety of materials and shapes

There are many different materials that are eco friendly, reusable ,sustainable. Materials such as cotton, linen, hemp, burlap, non-woven is easy to degrade in soil, and other polymeric material like polyester, canvas and velvet.

For the bag models, you can explore even more since as long as it can sews, it can be made.

The most common styles are tote bag, drawstring bag, mesh bag, shoulder bag, backpack and other creative bag. All those bags give you more chance and idea for your new business.

The variety of shapes and materials make eco bags more customizable and have more target customers.

different color fabric


Eco bags especially cotton and canvas bag are very friendly to be personalized.Simple personalization is meaning the logo and pattern. To go deeper, you can also customize fabric,color, shape, pattern or and other accessories.

For example, you want to choose a customized tote bag, canvas material as your trial order.

First, you need confirm pattern or logo on bag.

If the logo is only one color, you can choose color fabric makes your bag stand out.

Or you want to print colorful pattern, I advise beige or bleached white fabric will make pattern looks better.

In addition to printing logos, embroidery, hot stamping, gold powder and other processes can be used on top of eco bags.

Second, you can choose the bag model, a flat bag(without any gusset) or bag with bottom and side gusset. Of course, customized your own shape is ok!

Third, any size can acceptable, if you want bag to fit your product, just contact with supplier, they will calculate for you.

For more information about customization ,you can click CUSTOM SOLUTIONS

For a starter, if you just want to make things more easy, you can just do the eco bags wholesale directly with the plain blank canvas tote bags in stock. what you only need is to buy the stock bags ,and then prepare a heat transfer printing machine, which is cheap around 130$,and then do a personalized canvas tote bag for your unique customers ,I bet you will get a good margin.

Or if you can also simply paint on it and sell with the painting tools for DIY canvas bags.

custom mesh bag

Expanding brand awareness

To set up a bag brand with eco bag such as canvas bag or cotton bag not that hard to achieve, as mentioned ,to custom a brand is not as hard as you think ,and the MOQ can be really low, you have to find the suitable suppliers to help you achieve. For other promotional events, making eco bag with your logo ( cotton tote bags or non-woven bags) is best for giveaways, the people who carrying bags everywhere is just the one who is help you to expose your brand and improving your brand awareness. And moreover,it’s totally free for that advertisement.

Small business risk

As I mentioned above, the starting quantity of eco bag is low, so you can customize your own bag directly in small quantities, avoiding the risk of stocking up in large quantities at the beginning of your business.

All these eco bag can be customized with private label or brand, if you want to reduce risk and start with a wholesale business, it’s also good with some popular size and model from the bags in stock.

eco bag in stock

Small value of goods

if your budget is low to start, you can choose canvas tote bag as a start. You only need to prepare around 500$ for a customized service. and even less for the existing stock blank bags.

So Even if the eco bag wholesale business didn’t go well as expected,, the small total amount is still an acceptable loss for the entrepreneurs.

Low transportation loss

Eco bags are easy to deliver ,and can deliver fast ,even by express or air is not as expensive as other items, it’s calculated by weight, and you can re-order and re-ship very fast. there are no risk in breaking or missing in delivery, the only thing we need to ensure is not to get moisture ,so before packing, the supplier will put a big polybag first on the master carton

Easy to store

Eco bag unlike other materials will expire and deteriorate. For eco bag, you can store it as long as you want, what you only have to ensure is to put it in a dry, dust-proof environment.

Social response

When you are doing an eco bag wholesale business, that means your brand’s value is also to pursue a green eco life, to reduce waste and plastic on earth. You are making a contribution to society. People who cherish protecting the earth will also recognize you and join in you. Doing the great thing to all mankind.

Overall , whether you are starting a new business or choosing a new product, Eco bag wholesale is a worthy investing business .small quantities can be customized in size, pattern, and shape, and you do not even need a warehouse, you can start an eco bag wholesale business.

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