What is The Shipping Method for Importing Cotton Bags?

Have you come across such circumstances in choosing the appropriate way of shipping when importing the cotton bags?

Especially if you are a startup? So what’s the shipping method involved in international trading?

The main shipping methods involved in international trading include by express(DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT), by air courier, by sea, or by rail transportation

And trade terms are EXW, FCA, FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF, CPT, CIP, DAT, DAP and DDP.

As long as you can understand well about the relations in trade tearm and shipping method, choosing an appropriate way of transportation will be very easy.

I will talk about the shipping method in the following 4 points.

What’s the Pros and Cons for Different Transportation Routes?

The main shipping method is by express, by air, by sea or rail transport.

By Express

International express

The use of methods like domestic express,

There are two ways to order the express service.

First one:if the recipient has the courier account number in local,then he can book the service in advance with all detials,and then the relevant shipping company will come to pick up the parcel on time.This one is more ensured as you have the account ,you have more better service .

The second is that the sender book the service.

usually the send will also have the courier acccout,and they did just similar as the recipient did.

Fill in the item details,quantity ,declare value,and fill in HS code on the waybill, that will help local customs to release.

The international shipping cost will be higher than domestic express.

Four major international couriers are DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT, they cover the widest range of business, delivery is stable and efficient.

Besides four major expresses, some countries provide dedicated channels for shipping, the dedicated shipping channel means private companies do the delivery on their or plane or rent the plane, but the destinations are very limited. Currently, those shipping channels are available to Australia, Southeast Asia, and South Korea, etc.

In general, The shipping cost of dedicated channels is cheaper than the four major express, but both the shipping channel and service are not stable.Sometimes the delivery time is not always ensured as it declared.And in busy seasons,the on-time arrival rate is even lower.

Moreover,If there is some sudden emergency, this chennel will be suspended immediately. (For example, Australia and Singapore suspended channel around 1 month to comply policy for the prevention COVID-19 pandemic),but it doesn’t happen too often.

For shipping to Australia,singapore and Thiland,we still highly recommend this shipping channel.Just check more carefully before you decide to go with the dedicated shipping channel.

In a word,express is the fastest way,for example, a parcel from China to the United States will only take 5-7 days,for small file,only need 3 days.

But delivery by express is DDU price,means receiver will bear extra custom tax when parcel arrive if it has

By Air

If you want to receive the cotton bag earlier ,then by air will be your best Choice.

If you have import license,and your own forwarder,then just tell the destination airport to your supplier,they will then deliver the goods to the loading airport,and then when the bags arrive,your forwarder will help you to do the custom clearance and sort of things.

But if you don’t have an import license and know anything about shipping. What you want is just to wait for your bags to be delivered to your door. And you also cannot accept the high cost to go by express.

Then By air+UPS, deliver will be your best choice. Let’s make it short for A+UPS

By air+ UPS delivery mean the first dispatch will go by air ,and then when the customs release at the destination,the UPS local will take over to deliver to your door.Delivery time is about 10-12 days to your door,compared to express, the shipping time is a bit longer, but it is quite economical ,since you just rest assured after you place the order .Moreover,it is DDP price which means custom tax is included , no extra cost.it is more easy for you to calculate the landing cost before order.

The disadvantage part is,as the first dispatch is by air,there is no shipping information updated.you can only see the infomation says:shipping order received.The infomation will be updated only when they arrive at the destination and when UPS take it.

Morover,there is minimum order weight for this delivery, the total weight of the bags must weigh more than 30kgs.so quantities below 30kgs will have to choose other ,or say…by express.

By Sea or Railway

Generally speaking, delivery by sea service suits large quantities goods, most of the company buyers will go through their own freight forwarder.

It will save more shipping cost but complex,you need gain import license first, that means your company need to apply clearance ability from local customs. This involves different trade terms, which I will expand in detail in the next section.

Then let’s go to DDP by sea/railway, this shipping method we can also call them S+UPS,and R+UPS,

It takes around 30- 50 days to receive the bags at your door since delivey.

If you don’t mind long delivery time, choosing S+UPS or R+UPS will help you save more shipping cost.

And same with A+UPS,you don’t have to worry about custom clearance,just wait at your door for the bags to be delivered.

If you are individual buyer,or if you just start your business,A+UPS,S+UPS and S+UPS will help you solve many shipping problems,and those 3 shipping methods are stable.It’s really friendly to most small medium sized companies.

Though DDP is cheap and save worry,delivery by sea or by railway DDP is not available in every country and region.

Nowadays it is common in most area of USA, CA, EU, AU and Thailand,

besides,the minimun weight will be 100kgs. For example, requirment for weight to US by sea DDP is 100kgs, which applies to most areas of USA, but Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico do not have sea DDP service.

But for some areas,the Minimun weight can be even at 20kgs,so please just check with your supplier about such shipping services.

What’s The Costs and Risks borne By Buyers & Sellers of Different Trade Terms?

We confused different foreign trade terms in first time, have you ever wished to exist clear and well understand picture that time?

The following tables and pictures show 11 different foreign trade terms of the cost and risk division presented:

Expenses for different terms
Risk for different terms

What Do You Need to Know To Import Cotton Bags?

Check whether the local government has special customs clearance documents for cotton bag

First of all, we need to know that the HS code for cotton bags is 4202920000.

If you want to import cotton bags to your own country, please check whether there are some cotton bag import documents required.

At present, the United States, Europe, Australia, they all have no mandatory requirements for cotton bags test reports.

Check if special certification needed in importing the cotton bags

If your cotton bags is for special purposes, such as food bag or it will touch food ,then food grade test report is a must,such as FDA for USA ,canadian ,Australian market and LFGB for Germany market, etc.

Please confirm requirements with the testing lab in advance, in order to make cotton bags under correct production conditions and in accordance to the relevant test request.

How to Choose The Right Shipping Method?

According to weight

weight≤30kgs, you can choose DHL,UPS,FedEx or TNT.

30kgs≤weight≤100kgs,you can choose by air ddp,say A+UPS

100kgs≤weight can choose by sea ddp(S+UPS) or by railway ddp(R+UPS)(if have)

For example,if you bought 6 oz drawstring cotton bag in 30x40CM,unit weight is 50g,

if you bought 500pcs, you can choose by express shipping method,

if you bought 1000pcs,you can choose by air ddp shipping method,

if you bought 2000pcs,you can choose by sea ddp shipping method if you don’t mind long delivery time.

According to the nature

If you are a company buyer, and company has import license, you can choose EXW or FOB if you think the freight forwarder’s price and service are much better to you.

If you are an individual buyer, without import license, best for express, A+UPS, S+UPS and R+UPS.

How To Track Your Parcels?

when you have the tracking NO. just check it in express website.

In there I recommend a comprehensive query website: https://www.17track.net/en

In short, no matter you are a company buyer or an individual buyer, make sure your country does not restrict the importance of cotton bags, and then choose right shipping method, finally waiting for the message from freight forwarder.

Express delivery to your door, before delivery, they will contact you by number, pay attention when the time comes.

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