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5 Steps For Produce Christmas Canvas Bag

Christmas Holiday is around the corner, have you started your Christmas business plan? You may have already ordered the gifts, but you definitely need innovative packaging for your nice gifts. How about making the packaging brilliant and durable? The Christmas canvas bag is worthy to be on your list for promotional business.

So where can I order the canvas bag in bulk? And if the time still allows?

You can order from Avecobaggie in China or in your local areas, price is cheaper to produce here, and time is still workable with a professional canvas bag manufacturer.

So How to make a Christmas canvas bag in mass production?

Step 1: Confirm fabric color

You can get beige color, bleached white, black color, and standard color fabrics from Aveco. Normally we have a color swatch so you can easily choose and apply it to your interested bags. Click here for more colors.

Normally Red is the most popular color for Christmas, and so is for Christmas canvas bags.

But if you want to make a specific color, there will be an MOQ for making as pantone color. Contact Avecobaggie and send the Pantone color number.

After confirming the fabric color, let’s move to step 2.

The procedures of step 2 and step 3 are different between silk printing and digital printing. Let’s explore one by one.

1)Silk printing

Step 2: Cut fabric

Raw canvas material is rolled as a whole. we will cut fabric as your request size.

For Christmas canvas drawstring bag, we will advise 70x50CM drawstring bag is best.

It’s large and looks Santa bag.

Step 3: making film for logo and mixing colors to achieve your logo color,

then put film on fabric and press color on canvas.

For example, if your logo or pattern is 1 color to 2 colors,

we will use silk printing, such as candy cane, Christmas hat red color combine with white color patterns.

2) Digital printing

Step 2: Printing in machine

Digital printing is printed pattern on whole canvas fabric,

we will confirm position and make mark can help to cut easily.

For complex patterns or colorful logo we advise you can choose digital printing.

Such as elk, Santa and colorful “Merry Christmas” words

check video for digital printing.

Step 3: Cut fabric

Cut fabric base on marks

Following steps are same for each canvas bag:

Step 4: Sewing side and bottom

For canvas bags,generally there are 3 mainly shapes:

1. Flat canvas bag : without bottom and side gusset

2. With bottom gusset but no side gusset

3. Both with side and bottom gusset

Click here for more customized canvas bag shapes

Step 5: Add accessories

Pls confirm what accessories before ordering with Avecobaggie

Rope and handle are most common, you can also add zipper, buttons and pocket.


When Christmas canvas bag comes out, you can make sales plan.

We advise you can follow below solutions:

1. Selling

Normally people will shop when holiday coming,

festival decorations, new bags, new clothes and new dinnerware, etc.

Decorate your store with Christmas elements and hang on canvas bags on the wall, stand out in street shops.

Christmas canvas bag will attract people’s eyes, whatever large Santa bag or fancy canvas tote bag.

If you think selling individual bags is difficult to win the favor of consumers, you can mix Christmas badges or copy drawing boards to help customers can DIY own Christmas canvas bag.

2. Promotional bag

Use Christmas bag replace paper bag or giveaways for brand members,

sustainable development with the earth is the consensus of many brands, Christmas canvas bags besides package bags, customers can use in their daily life.

High-quality canvas bags can use year after year, annual Christmas canvas bags will be witness to brand growth.

Don’t hesitate and start own Christmas canvas bag project!

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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