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The Top 5 Canvas Bags For Men

Who says canvas bags aren’t for men? Gone are the days when leather and plastic briefcases were the only choices you had.

With the growing trend of sustainability, canvas bags have proven to be the perfect alternative for your day-to-day carrying needs – regardless of your gender.

This is why we’re here to break the stereotype by going over 5 reasons why men should carry canvas bags.

But that’s not it, because after that we’re also going to present you with a list of the best canvas bags for men to buy online.

So without any further ado, let’s get straight into it.

5 Reasons Men Should Carry Canvas Bags

Canvas Bags Are Just as Masculine as Other Bags

Unfortunately, a weird stigma about canvas bags has been created in the online and offline world.

It’s due to the opinion that canvas bags are not masculine enough for men. Especially when compared with briefcases or duffel bags.

However, we’re here to debunk that theory. People especially have problems with the long handles on canvas bags, often saying that they’re too feminine for men.

But they fail to mention the reason for those sturdy long handles, which is to effectively carry a very large number of items.

Furthermore, most canvas bags come in a variety of colours including khaki, navy blue and black which are all staples of men’s wardrobes.

Canvas Bags Can Be Great to Carry your Gym Gear

If you can’t go a day without working out, then canvas bags can be a great companion to help you carry your gym gear.

Whether it’s your protein bottle, lifting belt, clothes, or even a small dumbbell – all of it can easily fit inside a canvas bag.

Besides, canvas bags are known for their durability and sturdiness.  

Even if by chance your bag buckles under the pressure of the weight, canvas bags can be easily repaired. Which is something you can’t say for most other bags.

Canvas Bags Can Be Custom Printed To Match Your Personality 

The uniqueness of canvas bags lies in their customizability. So by the looks of it, people who say they are “feminine” completely disregard that.

You don’t particularly have to go with the same prints that you find in the market. If you think a print won’t look very masculine then there’s nothing to worry about.

Many manufacturers offer custom solutions for canvas bags in which the colour, print, shape and even the style – everything is in your hands.

Besides, even if you look around, you will be pleasantly shocked by the number of masculine print styles available these days.

Canvas Bags Can Be Your Perfect Travelling Companion 

Planning a trip with the boys? Well, this is another area where canvas bags have got you covered.

We have always heard from family and friends that we should pack light when travelling so that we aren’t hampered by our luggage when exploring.

Fortunately, canvas bags are considerably lighter than most other bags on the market today.

And as we mentioned earlier, canvas tote bags are incredibly sturdy which means they can survive long trips in harsh conditions.

They’re quite spacious so you can put your clothes and boots inside them for easy access.

Canvas Bags Can Be Great to Carry the Grocery

Hate making multiple trips to the grocery store? Canvas bags are here to save the day once again.

Due to how spacious they are, men can shop for everything they want and carry it back in one go.

In fact, the primary use of canvas bags was to carry groceries so that the production of plastic bags could be stopped.

Besides, plastic bags can easily tear under too much pressure and make your shopping experience a disaster.

Top 5 Canvas Bags For Men

Let us now move on to the 5 best canvas bags for men on the market in 2021. In the list below we’ll be discussing options based on a number of different styles to satisfy each and every one of you.

Rothco Canvas Ammo Shoulder Bag

The first on the list is this ammo shoulder bag by Rothco. However, it’s more a canvas satchel bag than anything. And that’s why we love it because it’s compact and stylish.

Moreover, it is incredibly strong and sturdy as it has been created from heavy-duty canvas and other materials. Its camo design and strength make it perfect for men who are into camping, travelling.

In addition, the bag has plenty of side pockets including two in the front that has integrated hook and loop closures which makes it excellent for a hunting trip with the boys.

Lastly, the lid is also extra secure when closed due to it featuring a buckle closure.

Rothco Duffle Bag

Next, we have another canvas bag from Rothco. This time a canvas duffle bag.

If you’re one of those men who still prefers a duffle bag over other types of bags, you are in for a treat because when it comes to duffle bags this really is top of the line.

Its design and style make it suitable for taking to the gym to impress all the ladies with your style. It can also function as an awesome overnight bag for those long weekends away.

As evident from most of its reviews, men really like its durable and heavyweight nature as it allows the bag to withstand daily use.

Most reviews also stated that the textured appearance of the bag improves as time passes.

To seal the deal, Rothco has also provided a shoulder strap in addition to dual grab handles to give men the option to hold their bag however they like.

Green Bulldog Reusable Grocery Bags

To include a little variety in the list we’ve also included this amazing reusable grocery bag by Green Bulldog.

We’ve already talked about how canvas bags are slowly replacing plastic bags as the first option for grocery, but this grocery bag by Green Bulldog really is the cream of the crop.

So, if you want to stop taking plastic carrier bags to the store every time, these bags will make a man’s life substantially easier.

Their longer than average straps really do allow men to carry them in any way they like, whether it’s over the shoulder or one-handed holding.

Additionally, these straps are reinforced especially in the joint region to allow men to carry an enormous amount of weight without breaking.

Which makes life easier for men as they don’t have to make multiple trips in and out from the store and can carry their total groceries in a maximum of three bags.

TOPDesign Cotton Tote Bags

The reason we picked these over all the other canvas bags in the market is just because of their incredibly cheap price which men who earn will definitely appreciate.

With these, you’re essentially being offered 12 bags for the price of one which is a huge steal in our minds. They’re also customizable as well which is the second reason why they attracted us.

Regardless of however, you want to style them which includes tie-dying or printing, they are most definitely a stellar snag for men of all ages.

Juvale Reusable Cotton Bags

With each order, you will receive 3 canvas bags which can be ideal in case of emergencies and are compact enough to be kept in your car’s glove box.

However, that’s not the only reason we included it in the list.

Another great thing is that these three bags are separate because they all have different designs on the outside.

One sports a plain canvas design whereas the others sport sophisticated navy prints to make them a little more appealing as this is a staple color of a man’s wardrobe.

All in all, these all-cotton bags are an excellent choice for those men looking for eco-friendlier and masculine options.   

Final Thoughts

Canvas bags are leading the game when it comes to environmentally friendly alternatives. So to say that they aren’t “masculine” enough for men is totally absurd.

We went over numerous reasons why they’re a great choice for men and also listed some options available online for you to purchase.

But if you can’t find a canvas bag to match your style in the list we’ve shared, then no need to worry. You can discuss your requirements with AvecoBaggie and we’ll help you design exactly what you’re looking for!

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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