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How to overdye a color canvas bag?

Do you have some idle color canvas bags in your home?

When you bought it, the color was beautiful under the lights of the mall, but you didn’t like it after a while, or the color is out of date.

However, color canvas bags still new, canvas bags is eco and replace disposable bags,if you discard the color canvas bag because you don’t like the color, it will cause a waste of resources. Why not save color canvas bag through overdye?

What is overdye?

Over-dyeing is the process of dyeing fabrics that have been colored.You can adjust the final color by pouring dyes of different colors.Big different for overdyeing and dyeing is fabric not white.For example, After dyeing red and then over-dying with blue, it will be dyed purple. After dyeing with indigo and then over-dying with yellow dye, green will be obtained; after dyeing yellow, over-dyeing with red will give orange.

When you plan to overdye color canvas bag, you must keep in mind what bag base color is, and then choose the dye based on it.

Additive for different material bag

Considering different material need different conditions for overdye,

you can check below information for your bag:

1. If your bag made by cotton,linen,hemp:

you can add salt and dish soap

2. if your bag made by silk or nylon:

you can add vinegar and dish soap

3.If your bag made by polyester, nothing need add, just put color into basin.

But polyester need boil water to overdye, if you want to overdye polyester bag, you need prepare pot and burn.

Dye color options for different material bag

Dye color brands have many purposes for different fabric material,

Normally they will be divided to natural fibers,synthetic fabrics and specific.

Natural fiber including cotton,linen,silk and hemp.

You can choose the brand you like, as long as it corresponds to the fabric they are dyed for.

Process for overdye color canvas bag

You need prepare:

  1. A color canvas bag

2. Dye colors

3. Disposable gloves

4. Basin

5. Salt

6. Dish soap

7. Water

8.Small similar color fabric

Step 1: Pure water into basin, then add salt dish soap mixing.

Step 2: Wear disposable gloves

Step 3: Add color into basin and mixing,then put small similar color fabric wait 3 minutes

Step 3: Take out overdye small similar color fabric and check color

Step 4: Add color and put small fabric again

Step 5: After 3 minutes,take out and confirm overdye color on small fabric

Step 6: Confirm overdye position before puting canvas bag

      a)If you want to overdye whole color canvas bag, put canvas bag into basin and let the dye liquor pass the color canvas bag.

      b)If you only want portion be overdye,fold canvas bag and put that part into basin

Step 7: Put color canvas bag into basin when confirm color on small fabric

Step 8: Take out color canvas bag out after 24 hours

Step 9: Clean overdye color canvas bag and until water becomes clear.

Step 10: Dry


Overdyeing color canvas bag will help you get new canvas bag,

Even you bored for that in future, just overdye again.

If you are first time to dyeing,

don’t put to much color one time,

because overdye add color on original color, if you put too much,it cannot withdraw.

Slight color is easy to change, for example, you chose pink color first,if it cannot achieve your goal color, you can add others color to adjust.Color canvas bag can use for a long time and durable,when you use canvas bag more than 200 times, its environmental value will higher than disposable plastic bags.

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