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Spring Tote Bags 2022: Grow Your Business with Custom Tote Bags

Custom tote bags are a great way to expand your business. Spring designer handbags are functional and serve as a continual reminder of your brand. However, your customers need to be willing to carry your brand’s custom bag. A practical and stylish shopping bag is what everyone needs. Provide that and everyone will be more than happy to convey your brand’s message.

In this day and age, social media can be used to help a product go viral. In fact, Gen Z will rule in the coming years by accounting for 27% of global revenue. Therefore, every retail company must match its offerings to consumer demands.

A lot of small businesses have become household names thanks to online chatter. So, there’s no reason your business should be any different. The best way to do that is by word-of-mouth. A business can expand using this method without having to spend a lot of money. You only need to include the audience in a deliberate process.

As the world becomes more aware, people of all ages look for sustainable products. Capitalize on tote bags’ viral potential to increase sales.

There are many different ways to distribute personalized promotional products. Listed below are the top 4 benefits of using tote bags to expand your brand.

1.   Benefits of Tote Bags

Look up handbag trends 2022 and you’ll see totes in every style and size. These bags are the go-to choice for many customers because they look good and are versatile in their use.

i. Environmentally Friendly

Consumers love carrying a bag that’s reusable and promotes sustainability. Reusable tote bags eliminate the need for plastic bags. Recent research shows that customers are more likely to shop from eco-friendly brands. With tote bags, you can give your customers what they want, and encourage them to adopt a greener lifestyle.

ii. Brand Exposure

Tote bags check all the right boxes. Its functional design will pair well with branded merch. By creating and selling custom merch, you can improve brand recognition. This is a great way to promote your brand offline and online. Online, you can encourage consumers to share how they use their tote bags. Join in on the conversation by showing your customers how your bags save the environment.

iii. Cost-Conscious Marketing Option

Cost is a deciding factor for most marketing campaigns. Promotional bags are perfect for companies with limited budgets. Compared to other marketing tools, branded tote bags are a fairly inexpensive approach. You can spread your message without having to do much work. Just give away or sell your custom bags, and your customers will do your job for you.

Is your brand in need of a cost-effective marketing solution? View our custom tote bags for a durable, cost-effective, and fashionable solution.

iv. Functional

The biggest advantage of a bespoke bag is its usefulness. Customers love freebies, and more so, the brand that gives away freebies! To make your tote bags instantly recognizable from a distance, use a call to action, or a humorous phrase.

You can also give your bags a personal touch by adding relevant trinkets. For example, branded keychains, magnet buttons, or bottle openers for a brewery. Or personalized stickers and custom keychains for a school. This will guarantee to make your totes more popular and unique.

2. Ideas for Promotional Tote Bags

Now that you’re aware of its benefits, you may want to explore the various styles totes have to offer. Here are four kinds of tote bags you can purchase for your brand. 

i. Recycled Cotton Tote

Cotton totes have the ability to decrease the consumption of single-use plastics. In fact, this is the sole reason why totes have grown in popularity. This ecological approach ensures your customers feel good about buying a recycled product. AvecoBaggies manufactures all totes from recycled materials. So that you may appeal to your target audience and connect your company with a greater purpose.

ii. Cotton Mesh Market Bag

We’re crazy about the newest trends, so here’s one you won’t want to miss: “Fisherman Net” purses. You got it right. This cotton mesh market bag looks like a net and has strong handles that cross the shoulder. Whether you need it for groceries or everyday essentials, this bag works great. The bag also houses an interior zippered pocket for storing coupons or change. If you stamp this pouch with a vibrant logo, your customers will be wearing your business with pride.

iii. Oversized Tote

Most customers look for a bag big enough to fit everything. This multipurpose tote bag comes with a roomy interior. The bag’s main section includes a wire rim for structure and durability. You can add a little texture by opting for chevron colors. Or, you can also choose the more traditional and popular graphite finish.

iv. Large Shopper Tote

In some cases, simplicity is ideal. This shopping bag is ideal for business owners who wish to promote more sustainable practices. It’s the perfect alternative to plastic bags. DuPont fabric lines this shopper tote, making it water-resistant and easy to clean. Additionally, it offers a sturdy bag for carrying groceries or running errands. The bag’s size and durability features make grocery shopping more accessible than ever. With this tote, you know for a fact that customers will use it frequently.

How AvecoBaggies Can Help You Maximize Brand Awareness?

From production to printing, getting custom bags for your brand can be a long and tedious process. Often, brands have to buy bags from one dealer and customize them from another. This method significantly increases the cost of your finished product.

AvecoBaggie is an SME eco bag manufacturer that specializes in cotton, canvas, and non-woven bags. Our one-stop service provides customers with a flexible way of communication.

Were you looking to grow your business? Here are a few ways AvecoBaggies can help you.

i. Custom Tote Bags

Custom tote bags increase brand recognition and guarantee a lasting impression. More recently, totes have become a popular marketing tool for various organizations. This includes schools, real estate companies, advertising agencies, nonprofits, and online enterprises. Whatever your business, a custom tote bag will not let your marketing efforts go in vain. You may test all your ideas with the AvecoBaggies bag mockup to decide which one you like best.

ii. Consistent Pricing

Customized merch always comes at a price. However, a low budget shouldn’t hold down your business. AvecoBaggies offers lovely wholesale tote bags at consistent prices. In fact, with increasing quantity, the price decreases. That’s the benefit of purchasing tote bags from a wholesaler.

iii. Variety of Styles

Customers are more likely to remember memorable campaigns. An in-fashion bag style or a quirky print is sure to be a hit among people. Pair your logo design with a modern bag from our huge tote collection.


It’s no surprise that tote bags have become a staple for businesses and customers alike. Functional and versatile – tote bags fit right in. Whether you have a promotional event or a brand launch, you can customize a tote to look the part.

To cater to your requests, AvecoBaggie offers many personalized bag options. Browse through our custom process to place your first order today!

We’re always excited to hear from our customers. Fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you soon!

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