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Up Your Marketing Game With These 5 Best Horror Movie Themed Halloween Bags

As Halloween approaches once more, we’re reminded that the oldies are the goldies. Going back to the classics is always enjoyable, whether you’re picking a costume for the office Halloween party or organizing a spooky night in with your favorite horror movies.

Many of these apply to design. Just as scary movies capture audiences each year, a spooky marketing approach will have customers gushing about your business’s flawless attention to detail.

However, coming up with something unique each year isn’t an easy task. Horror-movie-themed bags, however, are an untapped market. Read on to learn more about the best scary movie bags for Halloween 2022.

Decorate Your Store With Halloween Trinkets

Halloween is incomplete without spooky decor. A horror-themed interior will capture the attention of regular customers and passersby alike. Not to mention, it sets the tone and conveys your message perfectly. For an effective marketing campaign, use these tips for a unique shopping experience.

1. Atmosphere

As a business owner, your product’s quality and uniqueness should be a top priority for you. But, without the right marketing, even the best products can cause fewer sales. When selling Halloween-themed items, it’s important to set the right ambiance at your store.

To create a spooky atmosphere, add some jack-o-lanterns or pumpkin string lights. You can also use spray cans to create eerie spiderwebs or build faux gravestones for a more realistic effect. Lastly, to make your decor truly spine-chilling, you can use broken dolls and their detached limbs. This will create a sinister atmosphere without a lot of costs.

2. Costume

Costumes are a great way to get your customers in the Halloween spirit. Provide your employers with subtle costumes to wear while they work their shifts. Since you’re selling horror-movie-themed bags, a good idea would be to use movie character designs.

There are lots of great characters to choose from. Dracula, Frankenstein, Freddy Krueger, or Michael Myers are some of your best options. Alternatively, you could design costumes like a zombie or a bloodied victim.

3. Halloween-Themed Food

Halloween bags are incomplete without some yummy, grotesque-looking food. Place black olives in the center of mozzarella balls to simulate eyeballs. Or, cut hot dogs in half and cover their edges with ketchup to resemble severed fingers.

For faux guts, use lengthy spaghetti covered with blood-red tomato sauce. Finally, for dessert, give out cupcakes or cookies decorated with horror-themed fondant.

6 Best Horror-Movie Prints For Personalized Halloween Bags

Listed below are 6 of the most popular horror-movie prints you can use on your store’s shopping bags.

1. Friday The 13th

This print contains two distinctive components that will catch your customer’s eye. The first is the large print of the terrifying antagonist. In his hand, he holds the iconic saw with which he murders his victims. His upright demeanor and blood splatter on his weapon are a frightening sight.

Much like the movie, the killer’s face is never shown. This adds a significant mystery effect where the killer is the main focus yet never revealed.

Lastly, the title of the print stands above the picture. Colored in the iconic Halloween orange, the print is slightly covered with the killer’s saw. This ties the design together beautifully and evokes feelings of disorder and unease.

Lighten the mood and make the bag more versatile with witty fun. Something like, “What’s worse than Friday the 13th? Monday the 13th” is a sure way to brighten up your customer’s day.

2. Evil Dead

This Evil Dead print is unlike other horror-movie prints. The design’s grid features skewed angles, depicting a skewed world. Additionally, the angular letters make it a clear winner. Pay attention to how the V in “evil” and the A in “death” are exact replicas of one another.

If you decide to use this design, be careful not to overuse skewed angles. Your customers should still be able to read any lettering in your design.

3. Child’s Play

This bag features a simple yet terrifying image of the infamous doll from Child’s Play. The character emerges from a lightning background that showcases the killer’s uncertain nature.

Tiny details make all the difference in a Halloween bag. Details like typography and a 3D effect are what make the bag a chilling sight.

Remember to add quotes from the movie. One-liners like, “You just can’t keep a good guy down” add a nostalgic feel. This level of attention to detail is what will set your design apart.

4. Scream

The fundamental neon colors are the foundation of this bag’s whole design. Design objects like geometrical frames and scribbled typography make it a captivating sight.

Colors like red, yellow, and black convey the scary atmosphere. Basic color psychology explains why this works. Red is a color of danger and passion, immediately hinting at the threat emanated by the masked killer.

Unlike the movie, the killer’s mask is not white. It is a dull faintly green tint which indicates something “sickly”. The killer’s robe and background remain pitch black. This represents darkness and the unknown.

Moreover, it heightens the impact of the other colors by acting as a contrast. Together with the pointed knife, the colors create a sense of disharmony that makes the poster appear somewhat psychotic.

5. The Shining

This print has a great composition as it focuses on the scary twins of the movie. Another interesting aspect is the distorted prints of the twins. This gives the design an eerie, mysterious feel, perfectly complementing the dark background.

If you have seen the film, take a close look at the typography. Notice how everything is uppercase. Was it intentional? probably yes. But is it a metaphor for the psychotic breakdown of Jack Nicholson, or is it reminding you of the little twin girls?

6. Saw

Saw is what people think of when they imagine a bloody, horror film. Featuring torture and mutilation, this print perfectly encapsulates the essence of Halloween. The graphic image of the film’s horror doll is the main focus of this print. The lack of color in the poster and the print’s grainy effect leaves the viewer uneasy.

Complete the design with the movie’s famous one-liner, “I want to play a game.”

What Makes The Perfect Horror Movie Bag

The ideal horror movie bag is minimalistic yet still intriguing to the audience. A nightmarish scene and a spooky central image are great elements to include in your prints.

Artists keep things mysterious in movie posters by using abstract images and foreshadowing. Earlier prints were black and white which created their own terrifying atmosphere.

Today, designs are often colored and use blood-red font for imagery. There are many ways you can create a frightening poster that stands out. Just remember to use relevant content rather than the creepiest content you can think of.


With all these bag ideas in hand, you need someone to bring these prints alive. While there are many bag suppliers in the market, AvecoBaggie is the top choice for custom prints.

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