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7 Steps On How To Import Canvas Bag From China

From electronics to lifestyle goods – countries import all sorts of products from China. Over the years, the demand for canvas bags has also increased. And China is fulfilling this growing demand with a large volume of exports. As a seller, you can benefit from the good quality and low-priced canvas bags made in China.

But, importing canvas bags from China comes with its own set of challenges. New buyers may find all the rules and regulations to be quite daunting. To simplify your experience, we have compiled an extensive guide for you. Read on to learn how you can import canvas bags from China in seven simple steps.

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What’s The Best Place To Import Canvas Bags From China?

The first order of business is to search the Chinese market. This is when you can list down all the best places to import canvas bags from. You will likely find a variety of options to explore.

Google SearchSearch on Google to find thousands of relevant results.Provides the most relevant results according to keywords.Highly accessible from all around the world.Filter results to suit your needs.Google ranks can be bought by companies. Consumers may be misled to buy from low-quality sellers.The ordering process is laborious as you have to contact sellers, get a quote, negotiate, etc.
Ecommerce Marketplaces (Alibaba, MIC)Popular e-commerce site with a variety of products from different manufacturers.Easy to check price and contact suppliers.Wide range of options available.Ordering process made easier.No guarantees of what the product will look like.Many sellers use fake pictures to market their products.Products of questionable quality.
ExhibitionsChinese exhibitions and trade shows for canvas bags give you a real-life experience.May receive free or cheap samples at exhibitions.Face-to-face interaction with manufacturer.See the product in real life.Added traveling and accommodation costs.Not very accessible for all countries.Exhibitions are rare.

Google Search – Best Place To Find The Right Canvas Bag Supplier

Google search is the most obvious and easiest place to find canvas bag suppliers. Google’s ranking algorithm has also become more sophisticated. This ensures that all shady sites are ranked lower so you get to the most legit ones.

The best way to search on Google is to use relevant keywords. If you’re looking for canvas grocery bags –  mention “grocery” in the keyword to narrow down results. This approach is the most accessible and can get you to a diverse range of manufacturers.

Meanwhile, the disadvantage is that sometimes dishonest sellers may rank higher. To combat that risk, make sure to go through the seller’s website. Look for realistic pictures and customer reviews to gauge their authenticity.

E-Commerce Marketplaces Like Alibaba – Best Location To Find Low-Quality(Cheap-Quality) Canvas Bags 

Alibaba has been serving millions of buyers all over the world since 1999. This e-commerce marketplace is one of the best ways to reach canvas bag suppliers. Since Alibaba is optimized for product search, you might have more luck here.

You will most likely find countless canvas bag manufacturers on Alibaba. However, not all of them will be up to par. Many sellers on Alibaba post low-quality or fraudulent product images to trick buyers. These sellers might also shell out money to rank higher on the website.

The marketplace does make it easier to view pricing and contact the seller. But it’s easy to get tricked by the sellers. To avoid that, you should consider verified customer reviews, real pictures, and descriptions.

Alibaba Vs Made In China – Which Is Better?

Another notable eCommerce platform is Made In China (MIC). This is a competitor of Alibaba and is often preferred due to its better quality products. The target marketing and ads on MIC platform are less distracting as well.

This will help you find genuine sellers much easier than on Alibaba. The only limitation of MIC is that it’s not as diverse as Alibaba. With that said, MIC is still a better option than Alibaba which is often full of fraudulent sellers.

Promotional Gift And Bag Exhibition – Best Place To Connect With Importers And Sellers 

Apart from searching online, you can also find canvas bag manufacturers in real life. For that, you have to visit the closest trade show or exhibition for Chinese canvas bag sellers. These exhibitions feature a diverse range of manufacturers who display their products.

Such events can lead to long-term business connections and networking opportunities. Not only that but you get to see the quality of the product up close. This eliminates the risk of products ending up being low-quality. Keep an eye out for local bag trade shows where Chinese sellers may be featured. You can even get a sweet freebie or cheap sample at the end.

The only drawback of this approach is the trade shows are quite rare. Depending on where you live, you might also have to pay for accommodation and travel expenses.

On-Site Visit To A Canvas Bag Manufacturer

Want a first-hand look at how canvas bags are produced? You can ask your manufacturer for a factory and warehouse visit. Any reliable manufacturer will be happy to show you around their workspace. There are several things to look for while visiting a canvas bag factory.

  • Is the factory a safe environment for workers?
  • Are the workers above the legal age?
  • Does the factory utilize best environmental practices?
  • Is the workplace clean?
  • Is the manufacturer transparent about their production process?

As a buyer, visiting the factory and warehouse will be an educational experience for you. It can also give you a perspective on where your products are coming from. If geographical differences are an issue, a virtual tour can also be requested.

Avoiding Major Obstacles While Buying Canvas Bags From China 

Importing canvas bags from China can come with some risks and obstacles. For a smooth sailing experience, you should mitigate the following obstacles:

Low-Quality Material

One of the biggest risks of importing products from China is that they might be low-quality. If you order online, it’s easy to be misled by the seller. Finding out a whole bulk order shipment is cheap quality can be very demotivating.

To combat this risk, you should always ask for samples before you proceed with a bulk order. Online pictures can easily be faked and edited. You can only gauge the true quality of the product by experiencing it in real life.

Irresponsible Business Practices 

Chinese manufacturers are notorious for irresponsible business practices that may harm your reputation. Some manufacturers employ underage kids as cheap labor. They may also have unsafe working conditions or really low rates.

All this and more can reflect badly on your business. Ensure that your seller is completely transparent with you. Any reliable manufacturer running a legal operation will care about their social responsibility.

Non-Eco Friendly Practices 

Custom canvas bags are all about sustainability and eco-consciousness. If you run such a business, you must be invested in eco-friendly practices as well. It’s important to ensure that your manufacturers are also on board with this ideology.

Shipping Costs

Another essential thing to consider is the shipping cost of your imported bags. These costs can add up to break your bank if you don’t plan ahead. Make sure you explore all the shipping terms and methods for the one that fits your budget.

How To Get The Right Price From The Canvas Bag Factory

Getting the right price for canvas bags imported from China can be a tricky process. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best prices:

Build Fruitful, Long Term Relations

As an importer of canvas bags, you should be in close communication with the manufacturer. Building fruitful relations from the get-go can make negotiations easier in the future.

Use Negotiation Strategies

The art of negotiation is based heavily on your communication skills. Manufacturers may give you a hefty quote at first. However, with a bit of bargaining and negotiation, you can get the best price. But you should make sure that the prices aren’t too low. Prices that are way lower than industry standards may hint towards low-quality products.

Here are some negotiation strategies that are known to work:

  • Prepare well for negotiations
  • Go for an initial test order
  • Make your Business sound Legit
  • Make comparison tables for different suppliers.

Hire A Local Import Agent

Sometimes the ground reality can differ from what you’ve been told. To ensure that you’re getting the best deal, hire a local import agent. The agents are well-versed in how Chinese markets function. This allows them to negotiate better and get you the best rates.

Choose The Canvas Bag Supplier and Place Your Order

It’s finally time to choose your canvas bag supplier from China. Once you’ve narrowed down the supplier, you can start with the ordering process.

General Canvas Tote Bag Ordering Process

Placing an order with a canvas bag manufacturer is a multi-step process. From enquiring to price to the final delivery, there’s a lot that goes on in the middle.

The general ordering process is as follows:

  1. Inquiry from customer
  2. Quotation by the supplier
  3. Sample from supplier
  4. Placing an order
  5. Deposit amount
  6. Quality inspection of the order
  7. Packaging and Shipping

How Avecobaggie Simplifies The Ordering Process

Avecobaggie provides custom ordering solutions that simplify and personalize the process. Here are some qualities that set us apart from the rest:

Top-Notch Quality Assurance

From the best materials to finishing – Avecobaggie promises excellence throughout the process.

Rapid Delivery of design and Mockup

We deliver your requested designs and mockups in no time. Get samples in just 3 days and product delivery within a week.

Flexible Custom Low MOQ

We support small businesses with flexible MOQs as low as 100 pieces.

Never-Before-Seen Custom Designs

Want to create something truly unique? We offer ODM and OEM services to create a completely one-of-a-kind product for you.

Special Focus On Social Responsibility

Obeying all governmental laws, we offer a completely transparent and socially responsible service.

One-Stop Solution to all your Canvas Bag Needs

Each canvas bag is inspected against our high-quality standards before shipping. Our shop is a one-stop solution, from consultation to delivery.

Flexible Shipping Services

We have long-term partnerships with reliable shipping companies. This allows us to give you the most flexible shipping services. From express to freight, we deliver through all major transportation methods.

 Customer-Centric Approach

We offer round-the-clock customer services to answer all your queries and concerns.

Explore Shipping And Delivery Options

Shipping is one of the most important and difficult aspects of importing bags from China. With so many terms and modes of transportation, which one should you go for? Before you finalize an order, it’s important to calculate shipping costs.

 Let’s take a deep dive into shipping terms and different transportation methods.

Shipping Terms

There are many shipping terms that assign responsibilities among the buyers and sellers. Some common shipping terms include:


EXW stands for Ex-works. If you import on this term, you (As a buyer) will be responsible for the shipment. All the liabilities and costs will fall onto you. All the seller has to do is prepare the products for shipment. Many people hire forwarders to handle this process.


FOB or Free On Board tells you who is responsible for any damages during the shipping process. FOB origin means that the buyer will be liable for this risk.


DDP or Delivery Duty Paid favors buyers as it puts all the responsibility on sellers. The seller is responsible for all the fees and risks until delivery is complete. This includes import duties and other fees.


Delivery Duty Unpaid holds sellers responsible until the goods reach the decided location. After that, the buyer has to handle the import duties and other transportation fees.

What is the shipping method for importing cotton bags?

Transportation Methods

Transportation methods are the channel through which products are imported. These include:

By Express

Express is the fastest way to deliver goods across the world. However, this might be a more expensive option and also has DDU terms. The most common international couriers for express delivery include:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • DHL
  • TNT
What is the shipping method for importing cotton bags?

By Air

Delivery by air is also quite fast but might have some limitations. If you have an import license then your forwarder can simplify the process. If you don’t have a license and express is too expensive, try air and local UPS delivery. However, this will not be applicable for orders under 30 kgs.

By Sea Or Railway

By sea or railway is well-suited for large quantity goods that don’t need to be delivered fast. The shipment may take up to 50 days to reach you. If time is not an issue and you need to save up on costs, sea or railway with UPS is the way to go.

How To Maintain Your Canvas Bags

The last step of the process is all about the maintenance and warranty of your canvas cotton bags. This is highly important for customer satisfaction. Here are some things you can do to keep the canvas bags in top shape:

Discuss The Warranty

To ensure that you can replace damaged goods, discuss warranty with your seller. For example, Avecobaggie promises a 6-month warranty on its products. You can check out your seller’s terms and conditions or FAQs for this information. Also, be sure to check out their refunds and returns policies.

Store The Canvas Bags In A Safe Space

Once you have canvas bag shipment at your warehouse, store them with great care. Keep the bags in a cool and dry place with proper packaging. You can also ask your seller for additional tips.

Ensure That There’s A Care Tag

A care tag tells customers how they can take care of their bags. This will ensure that customers know how to interact with your products. The care tag is attached at the time of manufacturing. Make sure to ask your manufacturer about this detail.

Educate Customers On How To Take Care Of Canvas Bags

Use your website or social media to spread awareness about canvas bag maintenance. You can include instructions on how to wash canvas bags and other tips for upkeep.


Importing canvas bags from China may seem daunting at first. However, by taking the right steps, you can ensure the best results. Our guide has taught you everything there is to know about canvas bags from China. So, what are you waiting for? Import your canvas bags now and reap the profits!

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