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Fun Painting Canvas Tote Bag :Design A Special Bag For Your Teacher’s Day

Teachers Day, September 10th, is a national teachers’ festival in China. It is celebrated since 1985.

Normally, students will DIY gorgeous thank you cards or Handmade paper flowers to express grace to teachers, but they are not eco options.

As we mentioned in the blog, environmental pollution caused by human activities had a huge impact on the earth:

  1. Aarbage floating on the ocean
  2. Animals died from eating plastic bags of garbage by mistake
  3. Wastewater discharged directly into the ocean threatening the health of organisms…

So which eco gifts we can DIY by ourselves?

DIY Waste Plastic Bottles

You need to prepare:

  1. Water bottle
  2. Fabric
  3. Styrofoam
  4. Scissors
  5. Paint Brush
  6. Recycled Can
  7. Glue Gun
  9. Stick
  10. Ribbons

Step 1:Cut water bottle and Divide bottle top into 5 parts

Step 2:Cut 5 rectangular parts from beautiful fabric

Step 3:Brush MOD PODGE glue and stick fabric on the bottle

Step 4:Glue the stick back to the bottle lid

Step 5:Insert the styrofoam inside the can

Learn from Crissyscrafts

Turn Waste Clothe Into Eco-friendly Tote Bag

You need to prepare:

  1. Cotton t-shirt
  2. Straps
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Thread
  5. Needle
  6. Scissors

Step 1:Flatten the T-shirt on the table

Step 2:Cut the T-shirt into two horizontally

Step 3:Turn over the back of the T-shirt and stitch the cut

Step 4:Stitch straps with the bottom of the bag

Step 5:Turn out the outside of the bag, a special tote bag is ready!

If you want to know more about DIY canvas tote bag, you can click here

Draw Pattern On Plain Canvas Bag

You need to prepare:

  1. Brush
  2. Acrylic paint
  3. Palette
  4. Blank canvas bag
  5. Patterned A4 paper
  6. Scissors
  7. Pen

Step 1:Choose your favorite pattern and Print

Step 2:Cut the pattern from A4 paper

Step 3:Cover the pattern on the blank canvas bag and draw

Step 4:Coloring

Step 5:Wait for the color to dry and it’s done!

Even if the canvas tote bag is washed in water,

The pattern and word will not fade or bloom,

This is a reusable and eco personalized canvas bag!


In China, we have a proverb that describes the teacher as candles “burn oneself and illuminate others”, it means praising the noble character of selflessness and seeking no return.

Study hard and keep thinking is the best gift for teachers.

Let’s wish “Happy Teacher’s Day” to all teachers!

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