Non-Woven Bag vs. Canvas Bag: A Detailed Comparison

As the world has slowly transitioned into an eco-friendlier era, the fight against plastic bags has been gaining support. People have started making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

This newfound awareness has sparked the need for alternatives to plastic bags. At the top of the list as the best plastic bag alternatives are non-woven bags and canvas bags.

However, the question remains, what’s the difference between these bags? Well, let’s help you find out by comparing them in this article.

So, make sure to stick around till the end to see our thoughts on which bags are better.

What Is A Non-Woven Bag?

Basically a non-woven bag is made from fibres of fabric, which are entangled together as opposed to being woven together. This entanglement or fusing of fibres can be done mechanically, thermally or chemically.

Non-woven bags have been steadily gaining popularity for their style and especially their recyclability. The biggest advantage of using them however is that they can easily be customized to spread brand awareness and messages.

The Benefits Of Non-Woven Bags

There are multiple reasons why non-woven bags have started to grow in demand recently. One of them is their high versatility.

At the same time, they provide much of the same advantages as woven bags. They’re both made from durable fabric that’ll last for a long time.

Both are also available these days in plenty of different styles and designs. However, non-woven bags do have a slight edge when it comes to unique designs. That is due to their greater customizability.

In our opinion, people prefer non-woven bags over canvas bags mainly because they’re cheaper but offer almost the same quality as their competition. That is also the reason why they’re being used more commonly in arts and crafts.

But the definite cherry on top is that unlike canvas or woven bags, these bags come both with and without lamination. Thus, silk screen printed designs are also a possibility. All in all, non-woven bags are an excellent option if you’re looking for style, substance and a touch of class.

Pros and Cons Of Non-Woven Bags


  • Depending on its manufacturing, non-woven bags can be more versatile than woven bags.
  • Due to their versatility, they can be used in a wider range of applications.
  • Much more eco-friendlier than plastic.
  • Non-woven bags are especially popular in arts and crafts due to their cheap but excellent quality.
  • Non-woven bags can be created with or without lamination, opening up the possibility of designs being silkscreen printed on to them.


  • They aren’t as durable as canvas bags.
  • They aren’t watertight.

What Is A Canvas Bag?

A canvas bag is made by weaving individual threads together into a piece of strong and durable cloth. The way they are designed is the reason they beat non-woven bags in terms of strength and durability.

In addition, canvas bags can be crafted using a number of different weaving styles. Out of the numerous styles available, the most common and popular ones are satin weave, twill weave and plain weave.

Moreover, these weaving styles are bag specific, meaning that different types of bags require different weaving styles.

Benefits Of Using Canvas Bags

Canvas or woven bags have been around for a long time and are now considered a classic. They are available in a range of different styles that include cooler, tote and drawstring bags.


Their high receptiveness to ink transfer makes them ideal for imprinting. This is also the reason that they’re gaining rapid popularity for commercial use.

Other than being the trendier of the two, canvas bags also have other advantages over non-woven bags. These include greater flexibility and durability. They can last for years without wearing and tearing through.

On top of that, the biggest benefit of canvas bags is their washability. You don’t have to offer them any special care. Whether it’s by hand or by machine, washing them is no problem.

Pros And Cons Of Canvas Bags


  • Different options are available that consist of laminated as well matte finished bags.
  • Canvas bags are easy to wash and do not require any special care.
  • Due to the fabrics being woven together, all canvas bags are incredibly sturdy and can be reused.
  • Canvas bags are very flexible because of how they’re crafted thread-by-thread.
wash a canvas bag


  • They’re not water resistant
  • They can be carriers of bacteria and other germs.

Non-Woven Bag vs. Canvas Bag: The Main Difference

Gone are the days when plastic and leather bags were the only options in the market.

Both non-woven and canvas bags are being widely used today, mainly because of their versatility and eco-friendly nature.

Furthermore, the unique designs that are being introduced are rapidly making non-woven and canvas bags the preferable option when it comes to style and comfort.

As you would’ve already noticed, there are many similarities between both bags. However, the key difference, in our eyes, is durability. Canvas bags are stronger and sturdier than non-woven bags meaning they can be reused.

Reusability means a lot in today’s fast paced world because if you’re making an investment in something, it shouldn’t just wilt away after one use.

On the other hand, non-woven bags are cheaper which makes them the preferable option if your budget is tight. Whatever the case, one thing is for sure. Both non-woven and canvas are bags of the future!

Non-Woven Bag vs. Canvas Bag – Side by Side Comparison

To help you make the final decision, here’s a side by side comparison of the main features of both canvas and non-woven bags:

Care and Washability

As we’ve mentioned above, canvas bags do not require any special care and can be both hand and machine washed. But if we talk about non-woven bags, then they unfortunately cannot be machine washed. So taking care of them can be a bit time-consuming. This is why in terms of washability, canvas bags are the clear winner.

Budget and Affordability

Due to their manufacturing process, non-woven bags are more budget-friendly than canvas bags. Thus making them an ideal option for businesses that are trying to order environmentally friendly bags for events, giveaways and packaging. On the other hand, the production of canvas bags requires more resources, making them much pricier.

Flexibility and Durability

If we talk about flexibility and durability, then once again, canvas bags come out on top. They can rigorously be used for years without showing any signs of tearing down. But this doesn’t mean that we’re disregarding the durability of non-woven fabric. It’s just that their competition does a better job.

Large Canvas Grocery Tote Bag with 6 Pockets

Non-Woven Bag vs. Canvas Bag – The Final Verdict

This brings us to our final verdict, non-woven or canvas bags, which is better for you? After some painstaking research, we’ve come to the conclusion that canvas bags are the better option.

They may be a tad bit more expensive than non-woven bags. But their sturdiness and multi-purpose use more than makes up for it. In addition, they’re available in many different and unique styles.

However, each person has different preferences and some non-woven bags may suit you the best. So, as always the final decision is only yours, our job is to give you the facts.

In case you want to learn more, then we have also covered Canvas Bag vs. Burlap Bag in detail, so don’t forget to check that out!

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