What Are Washable Paper Bags?

All that isn’t plastic, isn’t gold either! On the surface level, it may seem like paper bags are better than plastic bags. In reality, that’s a huge misconception. The production of these bags takes four times more energy than plastic bags. In addition to that, they can only be used three times at most. So, plastic vs. paper, which one wins this round? The answer is neither!

Enter washable paper bags. Washable paper bags combine reusability and functionality – creating a sustainable and long-lasting solution. Washable kraft paper bags are made out of a special material that is cruelty-free and vegan. These bags are highly durable and just as sturdy as canvas tote bags.

Looking for your next go-to reusable bag? A washable paper bag might be the best fit! Read on to learn more about these amazing bags and their unlimited uses.

What Is A Washable Paper Bag?

Washable paper bags are made out of washable and tear-resistant paper. This makes them sturdier and more long-lasting than regular paper bags. The material is fully reusable, much like cotton canvas. Despite its reusability, it doesn’t stay around for thousands of years like plastic.

The special qualities of this material have earned it the title of vegan leather. But unlike leather, it is completely cruelty-free. In fact, the paper is composed of natural plant fibers and biodegradable substances. Similar to canvas tote bags, washable kraft paper bags can be used for a variety of purposes.

Raw Material For Vegan Leather

What Are The Benefits Of Using Washable Paper Bags?

Super Durable And Long Lasting

We all know that normal paper bags can only be used a few times. But washable paper bags are different! These revolutionary bags are made out of washable kraft paper. This kind of paper can withstand water exposure and tear. These qualities make the bags super durable and sturdy. They can help you carry produce, plants, and more with zero damage to the bag.

Completely Washable

We’ve been stressing the fact that these bags are washable. But what does that entail? Normal paper isn’t exactly water-resistant. All it takes to ruin a paper bag is a small spill. Washable paper bags do not have these drawbacks. They react to water the same way as any other fabric. And guess what? You can just throw them in the washing machine to clean them!

Lightweight And Easy To Store

Despite being washable, these bags are super lightweight and portable. The best part is that they can easily be flattened for storage. The material also allows you to reshape it by hand to get it back to normal. You no longer have to carry bulky tote bags around. These paper bags can go everywhere with you.

Great Cruelty-Free Alternative For Animal Leather

There’s nothing like the feel and finishing of animal leather. Unfortunately, leather production is notoriously bad for the environment. Not to mention the cruelty it inflicts on animals! Washable paper is quite an impressive alternative for guilt-free leather. The bags made out of it have the premium feel that’s found in leather products.

Biodegradable And Reusable

Unlike traditional paper bags, these bags can be used again and again. This means that you don’t have to reach for your plastic bags anymore. When these bags do reach the end of their lifetime, you can remain guilt-free. This is because they are completely biodegradable. Unlike plastic, they don’t pollute and contaminate the environment.

How To Take Care Of Your Washable Paper Bag?

Washable paper bags are super simple to take care of. If you’ve owned a canvas tote bag before, you already have some experience. While they may look like paper bags, they behave like leather or canvas. Much like cloth bags, they can get dirty as well. Thankfully, they’re just as easy to clean!

Here are some care instructions for your washable paper bag to get you started:

Washing The Washable Paper Bag

The washable paper bag is pretty versatile when it comes to its upkeep. It can be hand washed and also machine washed. Handwashing may be better to preserve its structure. However, you can also simply wash it in a gentle machine wash setting. It is recommended that you use a laundry bag to wash it.

Your washable paper bag may also come with a care tag. This tag defines the specific details of how you can wash it. Usually, washing it with a gentle laundry detergent is more than enough. Dry cleaners and harsh bleaches are not recommended.

Drying The Washable Paper Bag

Once you’ve washed your bag, it’s time for some drying! It is normal if your bag looks like a weathered leather bag after a wash. Washing it in the machine can often disrupt its shape. All you have to do is lay the bag out flat and let it air dry.

If you don’t prefer the crinkly look, you can use an iron or steamer. This will help you make the bag look crisp and smooth again.

Are Washable Paper Bags Vegan?

Most washable paper bags are made out of a special kind of organic paper. This paper originates from natural fibers that are totally organic. That makes these bags environmentally friendly. But what about vegan-friendliness?

To be vegan, a product has to be completely animal-free. This means that it cannot contain any animal-derived ingredients either. Washable paper bags fit the bill perfectly! Perhaps that’s why washable paper is often called vegan leather. Unlike genuine leather, it does not exploit animals in any way. Most of the materials come from plant-based origins.

5 Things You Can Use Washable Paper Bags For

Now that you know all about washable paper bags, it’s time to explore the possibilities. Much like canvas tote bags, these bags have countless applications.

Here are five fun ideas to put your washable paper bags to good use:

Cute Paper Bag Planters

What if you turn your boring bag into a washable paper planter bag? It requires no extra effort! Washable paper bags are equipped with all the necessary elements needed. Not only do they look good, but they’re also organic. This makes them a better option than plastic bags which introduce toxins into the soil. Whether you’re growing small plants or herbs, washable paper bags can handle it all.

Storage Around The House

Are you short on storage? Ditch the flimsy paper bags and get some washable paper storage bags instead. The aesthetic of these bags is totally on point as well. These bags can store anything from art supplies to clothes. To make the deal even sweeter, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Grocery And Produce Bag

Reusable grocery bags are on the rise! Go green by using washable paper bags for your grocery needs. These bags can even be turned into washable paper lunch bags. From fruits and vegetables to sandwiches, you can store everything in them!

Are you still using plastic bags to store produce and lunch? It’s time to recognize the harmful effects of plastic. Thankfully, washable paper bags are an excellent alternative.

Wine Bag

Wine can make any occasion sweeter and more festive. Want to gift your friends a gorgeous wine bottle? Why not carry it in a washable paper basket or bag instead! These bags work wonderfully for picnics, parties, and gifts.

Hand Bag To Carry Necessities

Washable paper bags may look simple but they can be surprisingly versatile. You may even find washable paper tote bags on the market. In fact, washable paper backpacks are also available. Apart from their amazing functionality, these bags are created for stylish comfort. You can easily carry daily necessities like books, gym equipment and more.

How Are Washable Paper Bags Different From Paper Bags?

CriteriaWashable Paper BagsPaper Bags
DurabilityTear resistant and water resistant.  Prone to tearing and water damage.
ReusabilityCan be used multiple times without damage.Can only be used 1-2 times at most.
WashabilityCan be machine washed and hand washed easily.Stains can easily be removed with regular cleaning techniquesNot washablePaper is ruined by water so it’s better to replace them than clean them.
Eco-friendlinessVegan and cruelty free. Made with organic fibers and sustainable means.Production process involves deforestation and emissions.
FeelFeels a bit like animal leather.Feels like regular paper available commonly.
UsesDiverse uses include planters, wine bags, storage bags, produce bags and more.Limited uses as exposure to liquids can ruin it.


For the environmentally-conscious folks out there, washable paper bags are a game-changer. Their durability, reusability, and versatility make them ideal for use in any situation. Whether it’s at the gym or the grocery store, washable kraft paper bags will be the perfect fit.

Now that you know all about these revolutionary bags, it’s time to try them out. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your own washable paper bag now and play your part!

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