Throw An Eco-Friendly Party With These Super Sustainable Party Bag Ideas

As the saying goes, work hard and play harder. And how do you play hard? By partying, of course! Apart from being incredibly fun, parties are great for networking and community building. In fact, throwing parties is even said to be good for your health! But what’s the catch? Well, most parties aren’t great for the environment.

As a host, it’s your responsibility to minimize the waste generated by your event. From balloons to disposable cutlery, party décor and favors are full of plastic items. These may be more convenient but they’re also not personalized and super bad for the environment. Why not make the experience sustainable with homemade and plastic-free solutions?

If you’re planning your next big party, explore some sustainable ideas for a change. Try our eco-friendly party ideas for a guilt-free and fun-filled celebration.

8 Party Bag Filler Ideas That Are Super Eco-Friendly

Whether it be a birthday or a bridal shower, a party is incomplete without some goodie bags. These little gifts are the perfect way to appreciate your guests and spread some love. If you’re throwing a sustainable event, you’ll need some eco-friendly party bag fillers.

Here are some easy breezy party bag filler ideas with an eco-friendly twist:

Home-Grown Plants or Seed Bombs

Everyone loves some greenery around them. That’s why indoor plants are such a big hit these days. Why not gift your guests the ability to grow their own? You can easily find seed packets or create some homemade seed bombs. If you want a more hands-on activity, you can even have a planting session in recycled toilet paper rolls. If your guests prefer low-maintenance plants, succulents would be a great idea.

Hand Painted T-shirts or Tote Bags

Are you and your friends into some arts and crafts? This might be the perfect activity and party favor for you! This even works well for children’s parties. All you have to do is get some plain T-shirts and tote bags from eco-friendly bag brands. Help your guests paint or dip-dye them with organic paints or homemade vegetable dyes.

Delicious Homemade Snacks

The way to most people’s hearts is through their stomachs. That’s precisely why homemade goodies make the best party favors. Homemade chocolate, fresh cookies, chocolate truffles, and more – the ideas are endless. If you’re a foodie with a penchant for cooking, this one might be perfect for you. You can add these little goodies to a glass jar with décor for the cutest gift.

Handmade Paper or Sketchbooks

This one’s for all the artistically inclined people out there. There are multiple ways to create sustainable art books and papers. The first way is to create your own handmade paper with recycled materials. The process is super simple and can even be an activity at your party. These papers are super useful for drawing and scrapbooking. Alternatively, you can recycle some loose papers to make a cute sketchbook.


Recycled Jewellery

Who knew you could recycle easily available stuff to make jewelry? Make your own earrings, barrettes, bracelets, and more for special party favors. Making your own jewelry can be a super rewarding experience. Your guests will also appreciate it a lot more as it is made with love. Now you don’t have to invest in tacky plastic accessories anymore.

Handcrafted Soap

There’s a reason why soapmaking is so popular these days. Making your own soap at home ensures that the best ingredients go into it. It’s also an incredibly fun and engaging activity. You can easily find soap-making kits on the market. Make sure to purchase from an organic, eco-friendly source. Choose the right mold to match your theme and enjoy your adorable soapy creations.

Metal Straws And Cutlery

We all know that plastic straws and disposable cutlery are bad for the environment. As an alternative, many people are adopting reusable metal straws. These straws now come in all kinds of sizes and styles. If you want to instill some good habits in your friends as well, gift them some reusable cutlery. Not only will it encourage sustainability but it’s also a long-lasting gift.

Art Prints or Postcards

If you’re an artist or love creating things, why not give your guests a piece of artwork? You can go as a cool art print that they can frame. Postcards can also be a great addition to the goodie bag. Just create a digital art piece and get It printed on recycled paper. This is a super sustainable gift that is also easy on the pocket.


How To Choose The Right Party Bags

Now that you’ve decided on your eco-friendly party bag fillers, it’s time to move on to the bag itself. It goes without saying that your goodie bags need to be sustainable as well. Fortunately, it’s super easy to find eco-friendly fabrics or paper bags. Here are some ideas for you to try out:

Theme of the Event

Note that the type of hand bags you should choose for the party should be in-line with the occasion. Whether it’s a birthday party or a product launching celebration, let the custom bag designer know so they can spin up a design that matches your needs.

DIY Eco-friendly Tote Bag

Before you look elsewhere for your tote bags, why not try making some yourself? Some DIY bag tutorials don’t even require any sewing prowess. One idea is to make them with old t-shirts or pillowcases. However, you can also purchase some new canvas fabric and make a DIY canvas tote bag. Once your bag is complete, you can dip dye or paint it for decoration.

Paper Bags

After fabric bags, the next best material is paper. When it comes to paper bags you have the option to make one yourself as well. Some materials to look out for are newspapers and handmade paper. You can also look for ready-made recycled paper bags as that’s more sustainable. Another option is to explore washable paper bags which are way more durable and useful.


Customized Eco-friendly Bags

If you can’t find the right bags to match your party’s theme, customized eco bags are always an option. You have to search for sustainable manufacturers which provide customization services. If you’re looking for personalized bags, Avecobaggie may be a great option. With a wide array of materials, sizes, and customizability solutions – Avecobaggie has you covered.


Final Thoughts

While parties are all fun and games, the hosts need to take some responsibility for the waste they create. Fortunately, throwing an eco-friendly party isn’t as hard as you think. A good place to start is to use goodie bags that aren’t damaging to the environment. Use our exciting party bag filler and eco-conscious bag ideas to make your party favors a hit.

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